Being of relatively sound minds and bodies, we, the Class of 2012,¬ realize that we are in our final days of our school life here at Assumption Catholic School.  We will take many things with us as we start our new journey. It is only fair that we leave a little bit if ourselves behind. This will ensure that you will not soon forget us!
I Kayla, leave my place in the late line to Melannie. My advice is that it is better to be the person writing the late slips than to be receiving one. So, arrive on time because morning detention is not fun.
I Greg, leave a little bit of my quiet demeanor to Anthony V. and Sam. Sometimes it’s fun to just sit back and watch. You learn so much when people don’t think that you are listening.
I Vanessa, leave to Rachel my responsibility for the auditorium lights. Get used to the idea of leaving the auditorium last, and be ready to go back down when someone else forgets to turn them off.
I Daniel, leave to Oleksandr and Adam my place at the starting line. Remember to run like the wind and always keep everyone behind you.
I Derek, leave to my brother Adrian, the job to ring the bell daily. Don’t forget, you don’t get to go home until the bell rings.
I Steven leave to Amanda, Kaila, and Jacob, a little bit of my ability to overcome even the loudest sounds. Just don’t get too loud or you will find yourself visiting Sister Yosaphata and Mr. S.
I Brianna, leave to Katherine and Dylan a little bit of my ability to get the job done. Always remember to listen to directions first. Then you will not have to repeat the job.
I Karan, leave to Anthony C. and Luis my place at the flag pole. Don’t put the flag out if it is raining. Be ready to run outside even if it is pouring, to bring in the flag. Never forget to take it down at the end of the day. You will hear about it in the morning.
I Xavier, leave to Ziara my job taking care of the microphones. Be sure to wrap the wires correctly and put the microphones back in the bags. You can be sure you will hear your name called whenever anyone needs them.
I also leave to Tommy the sense to have a great time and to know when to stop. Paying attention during class makes it fun at the end of the year. Exempting so many exams gives you lots of free time.
This Last Will and Testament is now finished with just a little more advice to the Class of 2013.
This time last year we sat where you are right now. It seemed we had all the time in the world. Trust us; time goes by like the blink of an eye. So, don’t waste time fighting or getting into trouble.
Know that you make your own happiness or misery.  You aren’t entitled to something just because you are in eighth grade. Privileges are earned and can be lost.
Doing things like tables and chairs, taking Pre K to Church and moving candy might seem like fun. It’s not! But do the job to the best of your ability and don’t whine about it. Only an eighth grader can get the job done quickly and correctly.
Make the best memories that you can. As you take over the leadership role here at ACS know that you are setting examples for the younger kids. They will look to see the way you do things and follow you. Make sure they see the best in you.
The most important thing you can do is to remember that Mr. S, Sister Yosaphata and all of the teachers want you to achieve your personal best. They will remind you of that every day and might become annoying about it. But, that is because they love you like your parents.
Thank you to Father Ivan, Mr. S, Sister Yosphata and our teachers. We are better young adults because we spent our time in the greatest school in the diocese! Some of us have been here forever, others just stayed for a few years.
As we leave we know we are taking more than we could ever hope for. We take with us the security that God loves us and will always be there for us. We take knowledge and memories. We take directions that will guide us into the next chapter of our lives. Most importantly we take with us the memory that we can always come home. For this we are grateful.