Class of 2012 Graduates

The week of June 4 was an extremely busy week for A.C.S. Class of 2012. On June 5th the class boarded a train bound for New York City. They started their day visiting the U.S.S. Intrepid where they were able to see what life must have been like on a submarine and an aircraft carrier during WWII. After a light lunch they boarded a water taxi and headed down to the 9 – 11 memorial.  This was followed by a water taxi ride back uptown and dinner. The class continued their evening with a visit to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  A walk through Times Square and down to the train station ended their graduation trip.

On Thursday evening, the Class of 2013 hosted a graduation dinner that included some fun entertainment. After the seventh grade welcomed the graduating class with a memorable dinner, they entertained them with a play that took the audience 40years into the future.  There they found out what happened to the Class of 2012. Seventh graders concluded their program with two songs for the graduates. The Class of 2012 ended the evening with songs for the Class of 2013. The first told the seventh graders about what they might expect in the eighth grade and then sang a song to wish the seventh graders happiness next year. The Class of 2012 ended the evening by reading their Last Will and Testament.

The morning of June ninth arrived with an excited class ready to receive their diplomas. Father Ivan celebrated Divine Liturgy followed by the students receiving their diplomas. Students took one last walk as a class back to school where the awards breakfast took place. After breakfast they were then awarded various recognitions from academic s to club participation. The day ended with the graduates thanking everyone for the support they have been given throughout their years at A.C.S.

Congratulations Class of 2012!