Mother’s Day Tea!

Some days at ACS are really special. Today was one of those days; it was our Mother’s Day Tea. Moms joined their children for church and then went back to school with them.

The auditorium was decorated beautifully with a pastel and spring time theme. Our youngest students sang for their Moms and third graders recited a poem. All Moms were given carnations and a beautiful prayer card of the Blessed Mother by their children which was followed by tea and doughnuts.

Thanks to FSA for financing the treat, our eighth graders, under Mrs. Pickering’s direction, for setting up, serving, and cleaning up, and Miss Shumny for decorations (especially the balloons).

Liberty Science Center Field trip

ACS students in 21CCLC clubs in grades 3-8 attended their first post pandemic field trip:  destination Liberty Science Center.  The excitement was contagious as we took a short jaunt through the lower level of the museum, and then broke into groups to explore all the exhibits.  A quick trip to the Planetarium allowed us to see New Jersey’s night sky in all its splendor, and we even had a sneak peak of what the lunar eclipse will look like next weekend. Top favorites? Definitely the Dino Dig and the Butterfly Exhibit!
We are so blessed to have had a safe and beautiful day!

May The Fourth Be With You

The fourth really was quite the good day for the teachers! The Family and School Association treated the teachers to lunch in celebration of Teachers Appreciation Day.  What a tasty feast was provided for them culminating in a tray of cookies and the best crumb cake of Middlesex County!  Thank you, FSA, for always thinking of the teachers.
Then Mrs. Shumny went quickly through a short agenda focusing mostly on the end of year activities, of which there are many.  (We may be a small school but you wouldn’t know it by all we do.)  She stepped up the speed of our meeting to allow time for a professional development called “Classroom Strategies for the Distracted Learner.”
This was presented by Lora Gandolfo, MS OTR/L.  She was well prepared and her expertise showed in all she presented.  However, the absolute best part was near the end when she explained and demonstrated Bal-A-Vis exercises.  Bal-a-Vis stands for balance/auditory/vision exercises.  Well!  The teachers had a ball, literally.  

All the teachers were given handballs that they used to practice exercises in rhythm, visual tracking, and movement.  It sounds simple but all the exercises needed some practice. A metronome was used for a regular rhythm to do things such as  V-ball clap over and V-ball behind the back.  There may be a lot of ball bouncing in the future at ACS as the teachers left the professional development inspired by a new skill to help their students.

ACS Celebrates Mrs Shumny

May 1 is National Principals Day. Since this day was a Sunday this year, our ACS family had to wait until Monday to let Mrs Shumny know how much we love her. Right after prayers the teachers presents Mrs Shumny with flowers, balloons, a plaque denoting her leadership, and lenox butterfly representing her ability to carry us through our daily routine like the flight of a butterfly.

During the day classes brought cards and tributes to Mrs Shumny in her office where she spent time making the classes from the youngest to the oldest feel special. We hope that it was a super special day for you Mrs Shumny, the best principal any school could ever ask for.!

Lego Club

This week we celebrated our last Lego Club of the year. Our 1st and 2nd graders enjoyed a year filled of creative builds and different challenges.  This week we celebrated the end of Lego club by watching an episode of Lego masters and enjoyed some popcorn while we completed a free style Lego build.

Open House!

A total of 8 potential new students toured the school and  took registration paperwork. A true success! If you know anyone interested in ACS and whom couldn’t make the Open House please tell them to give us a call at 732-826-8721!

ACS National Junior Honor Society 2022

This year, after Divine Liturgy, there are 13 new inductees into the ACS chapter National Junior Honor Society. After waiting for two years due to the pandemic, four members of the Class of 2022 finally handed in their updated applications and received the good news of their acceptance. They are Ethan Chendorain, Kiera Colon, Gabriella Domingues, and Oleksandr Oliinyk. Members of the Class of 2023 also were not able to apply until now and 7 happy applicants were inducted along with the Class of 2022. They are Brett Ayers, Adrian Cepeda, Emily Leon, Victoria Magyar,Samantha Marte,  Emma Palhais, and Anna Rashkevych. The  final inductees came from  the Class of 2024. They are Angelise Colon and Giovanny Valdez.
After Father Ivan blessed the inductees and their pins, our principal, Mrs Shumny gave the ACS NJHS oath followed by family pictures. The busy morning ended with bagels,and coffee supplied by our Family, School, Association. Thank you to family members for your support of our net ACS NJHS members.

Special Persons Day at Assumption Catholic School

Our cafeteria was filled to capacity with the overflow seated in the auditorium and the decibel level was high.  Yet no one minded because we were once again, one big happy family and it was all happy, excited chatter.  Mrs. Shumny welcomed the Pre-kindergarteners, kindergarteners, first graders, second graders, third graders, fourth graders and their special persons to one of our first group events since COVID restrictions limited our activities. Father Ivan led us in prayer and grace, ending with the traditional Easter exclamation, “Christ is Risen” with all responding “Indeed He is Risen.” Prior to gathering in the cafeteria, our special person guests were able to visit the classrooms to see what goes on during an average day. Pre-K sang their circle time songs plus a class favorite, Tooty Ta.  It was Octagon day in math which then turned into a turtle craft (made of octagons, of course).                                                                                                                                
Kindergarteners reviewed two-dimensional shapes, made a shape pizza, and built their own towers.  First graders added tens and ones in math and then it was all about their special person.  Each guest received a letter telling why they were so special and ended by students making a VIP booklet for which they had to ask and write fun facts about their special person.
Second grade math started with a favorite, one minute math.  Then they went on to their regular math lesson and ended with the student and their guest working on a glyph.  After lunch each special guest received a thank you letter which was written by their special second grader before their arrival.
Rainbows abounded in the third grade room.  Students made a cloud with a rainbow streaming from it.  However, the real excitement came from a math review game show called, “Are You Smarter Than Your Special Person?”  Hmmm, wonder who won?
For fourth graders, it was back to business.  They reviewed and took a quiz in math before stepping forward to the next topic, which is all about factors (multiplication).  Mini-project booklets in math, language arts, and Holy Week were collected.  Students were busy bees but the best part of the day was the pizza lunch and ice cream dessert.  
In a way, it was really a regular, normal day at ACS.  And we loved it because it has been so long since we have had such a great day of celebration with our families!

ACS Easter Food Collection

Once again ACS families came through for Baskets for Neighbors, a local non profit organization founded by alumni Amarilis Rodriguez and Analí Rodriguez.  The Class of 2022 collected food each day culminating with drop offs being made during parent/teacher conferences. We hope that this will benefit many local families.
Thank you to all our families and teachers who contributed to this great organization.