End-of-Year School Picnic.

Great day for an end of year school picnic! The year started out with anxiety and uncertainty but today was filled with beautiful weather, a great time and excellent food.  Look at these happy faces – kids being kids and enjoying time together with their ACS family!

Pre-k and Kindergarteners Graduations!

ACS Prek had their Stepping Up Ceremony. It was wonderful to be able to have these ceremonies in person. The children did an amazing job of reciting poem and singing songs for their families. We are also so excited to congratulate our Kindergarteners on completing their first year of Elementary School!

8th Grade Graduation Liturgy and Ceremony.

The class of 2021, have worked hard to arrive at this moment and nothing, not even global pandemic, could take that away from them. Their final year at ACS has been a challenging one. A year ago, last March, they were sent home to finish the school remotely. They returned in September, but it has not been easy. It was a year of masks and social distancing but through it all, THEY ALL have endured. No matter of these unusual circumstances, 13 graduates tackled challenges and successfully got to the finish line. You’ve made it! And we are all so proud of You! Thank God, we found the strength, the courage, the perseverance and the love to come through it together. Congratulations!

Greeting from Archbishop Borys

Most Rev. Borys Gudziak. Archbishop-Metropolitan for Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia congratulates  13 Graduates of Assumption Catholic School in Perth Amboy, NJ.

Congratulations  to our Graduates!  ВАТАЄМО!

Virtual Visit to Australia Zoo

Today, our Ukrainian classes at Assumption virtually visited the Australia Zoo and took part in an “Escape Room”.  Our younger classes enjoyed traveling down under with their Zoopark passports, stamping them at each animal that we saw.  They learned the names of different animals in Ukrainian to help them with their visit. Each student received a little souvenir animal from the Mrs. Kukuruza gift shop and took their photos at the Zoo photo booth.  Our 3rd & 4th graders experienced an Escape Room in the Assumption Library.  In order to “escape” and win, they had to figure out a series of 7 clues – all using what they learned this past year in Ukrainian class.  Father Ivan was one of our special clues.
His clue:  “All Hearts Beat In Ukrainian. Some would say that this person is the “Tato” of our parish family.  Find that person and tell them you love them – in Ukrainian!” Father then gave the team their next clue.  The students enjoyed looking for their clues by assembling a Tryzub puzzle, putting the Ukrainian alphabet in order, popping balloons and other challenges to find their team’s prizes.  It was a super fun day for our young Assumption Students!

70 Chromebooks purchased for ACS

BIG NEWS!!!  Another 70 Chromebooks purchased for ACS Students!  Thank you to our Parents who participate in our fundraisers, our wonderful parishioners who always donate and pray for us and the Perth Amboy BOE for working with us on grant funding.  We are truly blessed.

Celebrating First Solemn Holy Eucharist (Communion)

This is indeed a happy occasion for our parish community, school and for the children’s families. Even in the midst of the pandemic,  our parish Catechists  and Assumption Catholic School religion instructors were  able to have in-person instruction for our communicants. That is quite a tribute to them, students and parents! One more example of what can be accomplished when everyone works together! Thank you for helping to prepare our children for the greatest gift they will ever receive. We can only hope and pray that their parents will provide the opportunities for their children to continue to receive the Holy Eucharist at weekly  Liturgy (Mass).

New Members inducted into the National Junior Honor Society

On a beautiful morning after Divine Liturgy, three new members were inducted into the ACS Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. These members were left out last year due to the pandemic, so this year Mrs. Shumny made sure they would have their moment to shine.

Giovanna Barrientos Roman, Yean Paul Magyar, and Derek Vazquez were welcomed to the special group by Dylan Acevedo and Jeremy Valdez, the only remaining members from pre pandemic – 2019. Dylan and Jeremy reviewed the qualities that are considered when applying for membership. They are Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, and Citizenship. Parents of the inductees and students from grade 5 through 8 were also in attendance. Best of luck to all members of the NJHS. May God continue to bless them as they get ready to start the next chapter of their lives.

First Penance ( Reconciliation)

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned …” Today, our  children  were blessed to have their first Confessions heard and this Sunday they will be welcomed around the Eucharistic table for the first time. The girls will be dressed in white dresses and the boys in their Sunday best with their hair combed and shirts tucked in. The purity and innocence of the children will be on full display. Congratulation children and their parents. The day will truly be full of faith, hope and love.