Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety

What's a parent to do to keep their child safe with computers in every home and children surfing the internet alone on tablets, phones, and personal computers?  Parents were appraised, at the last F.S.A. meeting to first: discuss with your child/children what sites they can use and second: help them understand internet safety and cyber bullying by following the recommendations given by Detective Charydczak, guest speaker of the evening.

On May 30th, Detective Charydczak met with our A.C.S. students, from third to eighth grade.  He taught the children what they can or cannot reveal to a stranger on the internet.  When they have problems, any problems, they should go only to a trusted adult.  Students were advised to ask permission about what basic information they might share.  They should never meet anyone face to face, initiated from an encounter on the internet and should be positive about their dealings with each other.  Never put yourself in a position to be a bully or an accomplice to bullying.  A general rule is:  if you cannot say anything nice, don’t say it at all.