Happy Fun Friday

“Happy Fun Friday” our sixth graders were able to enjoy an indoor scavenger hunt with Mrs. Mieczkowski.  Some items that needed to be found was an item shaped like a cylinder, an item with a slimy texture and some appliances.  These amazing students have been working very hard these last three weeks, they have mentioned some pros of distant learning, being able to work in their pajamas, being able to work at their own pace while their cons were they missed their friends and teacher very much.  Your teacher misses you just as much!! #distancelearning #funfridays #ACS

Fifth Grade News

It was wacky Friday today for Mrs. Lawrence’s fifth graders. Oh my! You would be very impressed with the enthusiasm and spirit that students put into their appearances. There were colored glasses, multiples of hats, hair accessories, holiday clothing, and extra items galore. The regular agenda was replaced with games and activities based on the curriculum. At the end of the academic day, all fifth graders gave a two thumbs up for this wonderfully wacky day! Pre-K also had fun! They had a wonderful neighborhood scavenger hunt.  It is great to see our little ones! We miss them!

Religious Class by Fr. Ivan

Two weeks ago the Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 met with our pastor, Father Ivan for an informative morning about our beautiful church.  Father Ivan took time to explain the similarities and differences in the Latin Rite Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Catholic Church. The classes learned that we are much more alike than we are different.

Father explained the importance of the icons found around the altar, as well as the beautiful mosaic of our Blessed Mother located behind the altar. He also explained the uniqueness of the painted story of life located on the walls above the pews of the Church. The artist,Jacques Hnizdovsky, did this particular work just for the members of our Assumption Catholic Church, There is no other one like it in the whole world! The morning came to a close with many happy students taking away a better understanding of the church that we attend as a school and parish community every Friday for Divine Liturgy.

School April Fools Day

All our ACS teachers are busy planning, teaching and working with students remotely.  Using google hangouts each class meets with their teacher during designated times and can ask questions throughout the day.  Today, to add a little fun on April Fools Day, Miss Martinez played a teddy bear prank on the fourth grade!  The kids were so excited to see a stuffed bear instead of their teacher teaching the lesson. All had a good laugh!  We are so blessed to have such creative and dedicated teachers at our school. We continue to pray that the pandemic comes to an end yet, also remembering to make time to share a little laugh with our students and ease our their stress.


ACS’s first virtual faculty meeting

ACS’s first virtual faculty meeting; it has been a challenging week but with the grace of God and many prayers we made it.  This week grades 6, 7, and 8 have held scheduled classes and have used Google Hangouts to teach and communicate with every student.  Google Classroom has been used to send and submit assignments and we are so pleased with all of our students’ efforts.  Grades 3 and 4 have ran test classes and also answered many student and parent questions. Monday our grades 1 to 8 will all be actively teaching and parents will have each classes schedule . We continue to pray for all who have felt the effects of the coronavirus.

Sharing Lunches.

The ACS Class of 2020 had a short lesson in history and social awareness when they helped prepare 100 lunches alongside our friends from Perth Amboy Catholic, the University of Notre Dame NJ Alumni Group, and NJ Troopers. The program is called “Sharing Lunches”. It benefits the Hogar Crea Treatment Center and the Center for Support and Success , both right here in Perth Amboy.
They experienced first hand the assembly line way of working. While they assembled sandwiches and filled the “Sharing Lunches” lunch bags, the class discussed what it must have been like to work doing the same job for 12 hours a day at the turn of the 20th Century.
Students also talked about the value of helping those in our community that may be in need of extra support. We are called to serve God by serving others; so, today the Class of 2020 worked together to hopefully make someone’s day just a little easier and happier. During this season of Lent what better way to give of ourselves then to do work of charity!


First and second grade have been learning about Space and the many things we can see with in the sky. We learned about day and night the sun the stars and the moon. Today we ended the week making models of the phases of the moon using Oreo cookies and the cream. It was educational, fun and delicious!

The Middle Ages Journey

ACS students had a history lesson presented by the noble court set within the walls of an 11th Century style castle. Everyone took a personal journey into the Middle Ages. The day started with an educational presentation followed by a 4 course meal while enjoying an epic 90 minute show.