Delicious Investigating in ACS Middle School

ACS Classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 closed out their science school year with a few extra activities. The Class of 2019 spent time putting their studies about DNA into practice. Students worked in pairs to remove DNA from strawberries. They were amazed with their accomplishment. Meanwhile, the Class of 2020 studied and tested the melting point of chocolate containing different amounts of cacao. The students happily consumed the left over chocolate from their investigations. Finally, all three classes made solar ovens out of pizza boxes. They cooked s’mores in their ovens and ended the school year consuming the results of their solar cooking attempts. This was a delicious ending to a busy, happy school year! Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer.

End of School Year Fun

What better way is there to celebrate the end of the school year than with a morning dance? While the older students in grades five through eight held their spring social earlier in May. ACS Student Council made sure that the younger classes of Pre K though Gr 4 also had time to celebrate. They were treated to a morning of dancing to the many of the same songs that the older students had danced.  Student Council also treated the younger grades to chips, popcorn, and fresh fruit. The finished their day of celebration with refreshing ice pops also provided by Student Council.

Teacher Professional Development

The teachers of Assumption Catholic School spent this past Friday afternoon learning new strategies for using cooperative learning in the classroom. New activities were introduced that require each group member to depend on one another for information and help build teamwork. Other activities allow one student to coach other students. Structure and teaching proper teamwork and social skills to students was stressed as the most important part of making cooperative learning work.  Dr. Garrett, a professor at Rider University and private consultant was excellent. Summer time is almost here BUT we are still learning and already planning for 2018-2019!

Pre-K 4 Graduation Ceremony

ACS recently held a graduation ceremony for students completing pre-kindergarten 4. The adorable graduation ceremony was very fun for students and helped commemorate their learning achievements throughout the year. Pre-K teacher Mrs. Cuff prepared students well with the skills they need as they prepare to enter Kindergarten in the fall.

Annual ACS School Picnic

And just like that – it is June and time for our Annual ACS School Picnic!  Today all students, teachers, and administration enjoyed a beautiful day at Warren Park.  The FSA cooked some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs.  For over forty years this has been a tradition at our school and an event that students look forward too all year.  This year we had a competitive basketball game, four hikes led by our teachers, baseball, and a giant ball chasing activity that was a hit.  ACS has had an exciting year and this was the perfect way to end it!

2018 Kindergarten graduation

ACS kindergarten students completed one step toward their academic path Monday evening. Graduation ceremony was held at the school auditorium complete with music and poem recitals before proud parents, grandparents and other relatives.After the program, the school principal Mrs. Shumny offered thanks to their wonderful teacher Mrs. D and to the music teacher Miss Anna Lawrence for teaching kindergarteners the great songs for the program.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018

On Saturday June 9, 2018 after celebrating Liturgy of Thanksgiving, the diplomas and awards were presented to seventeen graduates of Assumption Catholic School in Perth Amboy, NJ. Congratulations to each of our graduates for their hard work and accomplishments so far. Best wishes in high school and beyond. Always remember, we believe in you!

ACS Bids Farewell to School Sisters.

On June 8, 2018 the Assumption Catholic School community bid farewell to the Missionary Sisters of the Mother of God at the Divine Liturgy ( Mass) and a reception held in their honor. At the reception Sisters  were honored  with  a slide s featuring them over the fifty  years they have been a part  ACS.

The celebration was an opportunity for the school to come together and show our appreciation for Sr. Yosaphata and Sr. Thomas and all the Missionary Sisters for the work they have done over 50 years at ACS. Earlier this month they announced that they will be returning to their motherhouse in Philadelphia on July 1, 2018 due to decreased vocations and a desire to strengthen community life. While giving her farewell speech Sr. Yosaphata  thanked the students, staff members for their role in making her spiritual journey at Assumption school  a very enjoyable and memorable one. On this occasion , Fr. Ivan thanked sisters for being an “icon of God’s presence” in Perth Amboy and “a light shining in the darkness” to so many parishioners and students of the Assumption family.

Field Day at ACS

The rain could not put a damper on recent field day activities at ACS. With puddles on the ground and more rain predicted for the day, activities were moved indoors. Students spent the morning competing in different games. They dribbled basketballs, raced on scooters, and stacked cups, as well as moving a beach ball with a partner, using no hands across the auditorium. After lunch students were treated to a movie. So, despite the rain, AS students enjoyed a fun field day.

Reflections of a First Year Principal

Dear Students of Assumption Catholic School,

It is with a heart filled with joy, excitement, and gratitude that I reminisce about our 2017-2018 school year. As my first year as principal, I had many projects and ideas in mind and could not wait for the school year to start. Yet, as I greeted each of you on the first day of school, I quickly realized that God had a different plan and a much faster paced one!

As the school year started we welcomed new teachers: Mrs. Cooper, Mr. Wythe, Miss Martinez and Mrs. Stearns. We quickly formed new relationships with both the Liberty Science Center and Apple Education, which allowed us to have new learning experiences. In addition to the existing ACS clubs, your teachers started: Jr. and Sr. Stackers, Food Club, and Math Survivors. We added two new SmartBoards, new access points and a firewall, 25 new Chromebooks, Studies Weekly for Science, and brand new STEM and Science kits. Surely, we can’t forget the new front doors! Behind the scenes, ACS teachers attended over 30 hours of professional development!

Just take a look at the highlights from this year. We raised close to $16,000 with A Back to School BBQ and our annual Christmas Bazaar. Community Outreach projects raised awareness of those in need and included: the Ukrainian Orphanage Backpack Donation Drive, Perth Amboy Clean Up Days, Thanksgiving Food Drive, the “Souper” Bowl Drive, and the Dominican and Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Drive. Catholic Schools Week Activities consisted of visits from Perth Amboy Police and Fire Departments, Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest and who can forget the teachers’ victory over the 8th graders at the student-teacher basketball game. Social activities such as Grand Falloons presentation, Dental Hygiene presentation, Spring Concert, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance, student bowling & track awards, End of Year School Picnic and of course Graduation rounded out the year. It was a busy school year and so productive! Throughout it all, we recognized our dedicated Pastor, Sisters, and Deacon and their unwavering commitment to consecrated life. 

This beautiful school year would not have been possible without the dedicated teachers who work so hard and give so much of themselves. They are the driving force for our success and for our school’s mission. I thank my dedicated Vice Principal, Sister Yosaphata, who has seen all the changes that ACS has gone through and with courage and commitment continues to work towards our mission. None of this would have been possible without Father Ivan. Through his love and his allegiance to our school, he has allowed me to introduce new projects, new innovative technology and has consistently supported this growing new chapter for us! 

In closing, to the ACS Class of 2018, as you start high school and continue your academic careers, may God always protect you and our Blessed Mother always offer you her protection. Always remember, ACS is your home and we are your biggest supporters. Congratulations!

God Bless, 
Mrs. Lissette Shumny
Principal – Assumption Catholic School