Day 4: Catholic Schools Week 2020!

Our whole school celebrated today with grades Pre-K to second having a Pajama Day and grades 3 to 8 having Mis-matched Day!

We can’t forget our end of day Pep Rally!! We acknowledged our quarter 1 and 2 Students of the Month, our Jeopardy and Escape Room winners, and all the students who participate in after school clubs! 

Pre-Kindergarten: They made beautiful wreaths with grade 6 and they watched a movie with blankets and pillows and enjoyed their PAJAMA DAY! They also put the finishing touches on their CSW booklets! 

Kindergartenen: Kinder also enjoyed pajama day today!
Grades 1 to 3: Lights! Camera! Action! Today each group acted out their assigned Bible stories and what an excellent performance it was! Noah and the Flood, The Good Samaritan, and The Rich Man and Lazarus were among some of the beautiful stories. The three classes also made cards for first responders.

Fourth and Fifth grade: Their creativity was on fire! They finished their cards to our ACS Support Staff and FSA Board members. They discussed why they love their school and painted “I love my school” pictures.

Middle school- the excitement continued! Today was the final round of Jeopardy and the winners were Caeleb, Kiara, Alyssa, Brian and Mercedes! 

Stay tuned for our wrap up day tomorrow!

Day 3: Catholic Schools Week 2020!

Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten: SHOW AND TELL!! Each student brought in a favorite toy to share with their class and gave a mini presentation! 
I’m addition: Pre-K observed the effects of orbeez beads in water yesterday watched them expanded over night! 

Kindergarteners worked on an amazing Science Experiment – the topic…. GERMS!! They explored how to stay healthy and how germs are transmitted. 

Grades 1 to 3: Sharing is Caring! This grade group also brought in one of their favorite toys from home to share with their class. They also made beautiful Prayer Bracelets. 

Fourth and Fifth grade: Once again fourth and fifth graders came together for a Catholic Schools’ week event. This time it was delicious. Their teachers, Ms. Martinez and Mrs. Lawrence, treated them to breakfast. Students had their choice of several sweet cereals. Some were satisfied with one bowl, some had three, but all had fun!

Middle school teachers treated their students to a delicious breakfast! The 6th through 8th grade enjoyed time to hangout with their friends and enjoy an hour of fun in the morning.

Assumption Catholic School Honors Local First Responders

This Friday, the police officers, firefighters and EMS visited Assumption school in Perth Amboy, NJ as part of the school’s activities for national Catholic Schools Week. These heroic men and women live each day fulfilling the theme of this year’s theme for Catholic Schools Week that is Learn, Serve, Lead and Succeed. The good work they do is not often mentioned in the papers or on the evening news, but they are the unsung heroes of our communities. Thank you for your service and we ask God’s blessing and protection on each of you.

ACS Day 2: Catholic Schools Week 2020!

Pre-K was the entertainment today!! They went to each classroom and performed their famous Tooty Ta Ta song and dance! What a show! 

Kindergarten had round 1 of their Spelling Bee Competition and finished their cards for our Police officers (one of our special guests for Friday!) 

Grades 1 to 3: Catholic School’s coloring activity and discussing how we learn, serve, lead and succeed in our school. 

Fourth and Fifth grade – Tuesday Project Day!! AND what a project day it was! They made “rubber” balls made out of glue mixed with corn starch which is then dropped into water and borax. The last step is rolling the ball to get out the air and water bubbles. There’s a lot of rolling involved. In the end, the balls do bounce and as a fringe benefit, all the students now know how to roll a meat ball!

Middle school played their first round of Jeopardy and did some cooking …. ohhh and don’t miss grade 8 doing the Tooty Ta Ta with Pre-K!!

Have you seen our window?!

New windows for ACS! After many estimates and patiently waiting, our new windows are installed. We are extremely grateful for all of God’s gifts and blessings. With our Security funds for this school year, we were able to replace our main entrance large window and our first floor bathroom windows. We have been able to assess our school’s needs and work diligently to allocate our funding to improve the building to better serve our students. What’s our next project?…..stayed tuned.

Archbishop Borys Gudziak visits Assumption Catholic School

On Sunday, January 26, 2020 His Eminence Archbishop Metropolitan Borys Gudziak of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia made his first archpastoral visit to Assumption Catholic Church and School in Perth Amboy, NJ. As His Eminence arrived to celebrate the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, he was warmly greeted by the parish financial officers Michael Raab Jr and Michael Lawrence with the traditional bread and salt and by the parish and ACS children presenting him flowers. Then Rev. Ivan Turyk, pastor of Assumption Parish welcomed the Archbishop and presented a Cross asking him to lead the parish family in the Divine Liturgy. The parish’s choir “Boyan” prayerfully chanted the liturgical responses.
Archbishop Gudziak delivered an inspiring homily which touched the hearts of all present and at the conclusion of the Liturgy presented two Assumption Catholic School students with one year free tuition scholarship from the Scholarship Raffle the Archeparchy conducted for the parish schools. These two hard working and dedicated students were selected for being a living models of our school’s vision To Know, To Love, To Serve God.  
The Liturgy was beautiful and Archbishop Borys was particularly impressed by the beauty of the church masterpieces, including extensive mosaic iconography and a rare painted biblical mural iconography by Jacques Hnizdovsky. Following the Divine Liturgy the parish provided a bountiful meal in honor of Archbishop. 
At the reception His Eminence took the time to personally greet and bless many people, emulating the love of the Gospel through his words and actions. He was especially engaging with the youth, and encouraged them to remain close to the Church and to stay strong in their faith.
This special visit from Archbishop to the parish during Catholic Schools Week, was a special treat for students of Assumption Catholic School, who enthusiastically greeted the Archdiocesan shepherd as he was escorted through the school by the Principal Mrs. Lissette Shumny, pastor and members of the Family School Association.
It was a blessing and honor for the faithful of Assumption Community in Perth Amboy, NJ have His Eminence Archbishop Borys visit us within such a short time following his Enthronement in June. Thank you Vladyko and May God bless You in your ministry!