Sewing Club

The ACS 21CCLC Sewing Club would like to thank Investors Bank for the donation of six new beautiful sewing machines.  Mrs Cooper, our Sewing club moderator, and our students are truly overjoyed! They will be sure to share their creative productions with you as they complete them.  And Father they are ready to sew some vestments! Thank you Investors’ for your kindness and generosity.  We are forever grateful!

Assumption School hosts first annual Easter egg hunt.

Today, our lower grades students absolutely LOVED hunting for Easter eggs on the school’s grounds.  They also enjoyed a visit from the Easter Bunny! Tomorrow, the entire school will have a Spirituality Day, leading to the Easter celebration. The school is currently enrolling for the fall, so give us a call 732-826-8 721  if you want your child to be a part of Assumption FAMILY. Please consider ACS, for your education opportunities.



STEM lesson in the 1st grade.

On Friday our first grade was able to explore the new STEM classroom. They built towers with spaghetti and marshmallows.  They had to use their architectural skills and try different structures and techniques to finally realize they needed a solid base.  And guess what l? They learned that triangle structures were more stable then square structures!  Even our virtual learners displayed their creations! Great work Mrs. Lombardi’s fantastic first grade!

St. Patrick’s Day Pie.

Some of ACS students didn’t have to travel abroad to get a taste of Ireland  thanks to members of school’s culinary club who under supervisions of their teachers prepared a  delicious shepherd’s pie. The pie is a traditional Irish dish made with ground lamb, peas, carrots and topped with a mashed potato crust. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

100 Days of School

ACS celebrated 100 days of safely keeping our school open during the pandemic. Students in Pre-kindergarten through first grade made beautiful projects where they showcased their knowledge of the number 100 in creating beautiful collages filled with 100 items. Our pk through fifth grade classes made hats, worked on activities and created journals of all they plan on accomplishing in the next 100 years.
Happy One-hundredth day of school to our wonderful teachers who work so hard, our in school learners, and our virtual learners. Look at our beautiful projects and costumes!

Middle School Celebrates Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is typically celebrated the day before Lent starts. It is the culmination of a season of fun that starts on Three Kings Day in January. The Class of 2021, 2022, and 2023 recently completed a research project in which they used the information to make a poster telling about the big day. In addition, each krewe as they are known, provided entertainment for other classes.
As part of their project each student constructed their own Mardi Gras float that was on display in the auditorium. Teachers evaluated floats, posters and the entertainment provided by individual krewes. The celebration included King Cake which is a staple at each party during the season. Students had a great time learning about this fun season before the solemn season of Lent.

Did someone say new windows?

This week, ACS replaced two student’s bathroom windows, a very large nurse’s office window and the teacher’s bathroom window. The construction team worked long hours and truly could not believe how well built our building is.  This almost $12,000 project was planned for in the summer and finally was approved and completed.  We are proud to say that ACS allocates and plans how to spend all monies provided through NJ Board of Education Security funding ….. and just wait until we install our next set of security cameras!

A day of spiritual renewal for ACS Administration & Staff

With the Great Lent around the corner,  Assumption Catholic School teachers and administrators, came together to pray, discern and become rejuvenated in their teaching  ministry during a special retreat held at the parish church this Thursday.
The day, began with Morning Prayer led by Fr. Ivan  Turyk, followed by two presentations on the themes  “The Spirituality of Teaching“ using the Gospel of (Luke 24: 13-25) and “Repentance“ using Gospel of (Luke 15: 11-32) the Prodigal Son by Deacon Timothy Kennedy. Great and inspiring talks. Teachers were once again reminded of the role they play in students lives and what should they do to help them  exercise Christian values throughout their lives. Thanks Deacon Tim for an amazing day of spiritual creativity and professional development that truly fed our souls.