MAD Science program

Having to be creative with our “Specials” schedule and our desire to continue to offer our students unique opportunities — ACS has brought a MAD Science program every week! The program has allowed students the change to explore a variety of science topics. Here’s last weeks happenings: 

Last week, Mr. Tricolis (our MAD Scientist) introduced “Peanut” and “Jelly”, a 2 and 5 year old juvenile Red Eared Slider Turtles to all students in Pre-K to 8th grade. 

Mr. T rescued these turtles from Canal Street in Chinatown, NYC when they were the size of a penny/nickel. In class, students discussed the type of turtle they are, what they eat and how to tell if turtles are male or female. Based on the information given, each class had to figure out the gender of Penut and Jelly and how they came to that conclusion!

The class continues with also discussing potential diseases certain animals can carry and types of foods both animals and humans can get sick from by way of salmonella. Excellent job ACS and thank you Mr. T!

ACS hosted a safe, fun and happy Halloween

Our students attended our event, wearing their costumes and filling up their candy bags! The children also painted pumpkins and awards were given. Best Homemade costume went to Amaya M, Best decorated trunk went to the Pipitone Family for their Patriotic decor and Most Original Trunk went to the Burzynski Family. With so many 8th grade ghosts walking around Best Costume went to our very own ghost buster, Jacob! Overall a wonderful and safe day for our students and their families!

Pope Francis Invites Children Worldwide to Pray the Rosary.

In honor of our Blessed Mother Mary, the ACS faculty and student body gathered together on the playground to pray the Rosary. Led by students of the middle school, all prayed the Joyous Mysteries together. As each Hail Mary and Our Father was recited, middle school students filled in each bead which was outlined with chalk on the ground. At the completion of the Rosary, the middle school prayed for our country to have God’s blessings and guidance in the upcoming elections.

Kindergarten MAD Science

ACS Kindergarten is the place to be! Lively Language Arts lessons and 20 sight words mastered, iPads for independent practice, math lessons on counting, hands on learning and it’s only October! Our students practice social distance while still being able to enjoy their friends and interactive learning activities. During MAD Science met a guinea pig named Dexter and fell madly in love with how friendly he was while eating his vegetables. They will continue to practice their sight words and will even be able to count with ease. Stay tuned! We can’t wait to see how our ACS Kindergarteners continue to learn and grow.


Returning members of the ACS STEM Club welcomed new members and wasted no time getting back to where they left off! Last March, just as the 6th – 8th grade club members were about to test the robots they had constructed, Coronavirus put an end to their plans. Over the summer robots were dismantled, disinfected and stored away for the new school year.

As soon as the 21CCLC clubs restarted in September, the club members got right back to constructing new robots. Their hard work recently paid off when the first group was able to make their robot respond to commands and even say a few words. Once the group figured out what they could make the robot do, they surprised Mrs Shumny with the delivery of a pen to her in her office.

After seeing the success of the first group,the rest of the groups have now stepped up their efforts to get their robots in working order. Today, a robot gave Mrs. Shumny change from her lunch order! What’s next for this group? You’ll just have to check in with a club member. There’s always something exciting going on in STEM!

Students of the Month

Today was the perfect day to celebrate our September Students of the Month! It is hard to believe that today marks the half way point of the first marking period – time is flying by! As we welcome October and the beautiful fall weather we are grateful for God’s love and protection!

First, our Christian Kindness and Helper Awards: Matthew G and Alexander G (grade 2) and Michaela M (grade 5)

ACS SHOUT OUT for September goes to:
Pre-Kindergarten: Jace R.
Kindergarten: Noah S.
First grade: Anna K.
Second Grade: John Michael R.
Third Grade: Danika A.
Fourth Grade: Sophia M.
Fifth Grade: Mia D.
Sixth Grade: Corey P.
Seventh Grade: Marasia G.
Eighth Grade: Brian D.

We are very proud of you!  Way to go!

Celebrating First Penance ( Reconciliation) and Holy Eucharist.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the celebration of First Sacrament of Reconciliation and Solemn  Holy Communion was delayed throughout parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Not wanting our students to think they have been forgotten, last Saturday eight students participated in these special sacraments,  following all liturgical precautions and keeping with social distancing requirements. It was a blessed day, truly a day the Lord had chosen, and we rejoiced in it.

And we’re off….

And we’re off…. With small class sizes and a sensible approach,  Assumption Catholic School in Perth Amboy, NJ welcomed back 152 students for  in-person learning five days a week. All virtual classes are also offered.  Today,  we had an amazing first  day of school for GRADES 5 – 8 Only. Tomorrow for GRADES PK- 4.  The students were great and we had no issues with wearing masks.
This year, we will continue to educate  our students in faith and academics and i pray this school year brings back the joy of a family atmosphere that our school is known to foster in our community.
We want to reassure all parents that our opening  plans are based upon CDC guidelines and protocols, as well as directions we have presently received from the NJ Diocese of Metuchen and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and never looking to compromise the health and safety of all.
We will continue to work, adopt and plan, accepting changes with patience and common sense. Our Principal Mrs. Shumny and I thank all parents  for untrusting your children to ACS and also parishioners of Assumption Catholic Church, for continued support through these unpredictable times. Blessings and good health to all as we continue our school year! For more inf visit us at