FSA Executive Board Meeting

Another successful school year came to an end and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful FSA executive board, which is is responsible for much of the school’s fundraising efforts. The board members and its President Mrs. Allyson Fizer have provided excellent leadership and support to the the school staff and administration, and most importantly to the students at ACS. Thank you to all of you who volunteer your time and talents to help make our children’s education experience the best it can be. Congratulations to our new President, Mrs. Milene Palhais. Mrs. Palhais is looking forward to an exciting year of helping our teachers and students be their very best!

Virtual Kindergarten Graduation 2020.

Yesterday was a big day for 12 amazing kindergarten students, as they officially graduate and are moving to the 1st grade! These students  have big dreams of being  veterinarian, nurse, ballerina, professional athlete,  firefighter, and so on. We at ACS,  can’t wait to help them get there! We are so excited to meet your kindergarteners next year.  In the meantime, watch the kindergarten graduation video.

ACS staff makes special visits to valedictorian and salutatorian students

Even though the Assumption Catholic School in Perth Amboy, NJ is closed because of the coronavirus outbreak, the ACS school still found a way to deliver some good news to the three deserving seniors. Escorted by a group of wonderful Perth Amboy Police Officers, ACS honored the top three academic achievers. The excitement was genuine as the sirens rang out and Father Ivan, Mrs. Pickering, Mrs. Garcia and the principal Mrs. Shumny presented each student with posters, and a special gift in recognition of their hard work. We are honored to announce:
Caeleb C: Assumption Catholic School’s Class of 2020 Valedictorian
Nazariy B: Assumption Catholic School’s Class of 2020 Salutatorian
Shayla C: Assumption Catholic School’s Class of 2020 Honorable Mention
Members of each student’s families were as excited as we were! Many blessings to each one!

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We’re back

The ACS 21st Century Learning Center is up and running! Now in our second full week, ACS students in grades 3 -8 have already participated in many of our original after school clubs and some new ones Although each session has been from a distance it has not stopped our kids from being productive. Today fifth and sixth graders watched Mrs Lawrence put together a celebration cake; going from a plain cake to filling to icing to decorating. Just think about the tasty results. The seventh and eighth grade Service Club is in the process of sending notes to our Perth Amboy senior citizens. They will include a small little surprise with each card. The third and fourth grade STEM club applied their science, technology, engineering, and math skills while making Star Wars shadow puppets and three dimensional springy paper snakes. Fifth and sixth grade Culinary Club has already made a jello pie, while seventh and eighth graders made a three course meal of salmon or chicken, salad, and tiramisu.
Arts & Crafts Club gave old plastic bottles a second chance by making an ocean in a bottle. They filled the bottles halfway with water and added some food coloring until they reached the desired color.  Then they filled the remainder of the bottle with oil to simulate the rolling of waves! The Bulldog News hopes to finish their last issue as well as adding interesting news from our school.

Do you want to know what is next in the clubs? Just refer to the master schedule for the time and code for any or all of the ACS Learning Center Clubs. The building might be closed but we are #ACSTRONG!

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Pre-K friends

What an amazing day! Ms. Cuff was able to see all her Pre-K friends, from a distance of course! She went to each of her student’s homes and delivered a special sign and a tub full of goodies. It was filled school work for them to continue their practice and use during their online meetings. It also included some camping supplies, since that is our May theme, and other outdoor fun materials. She also received many gifts from her grateful students and from the smiles and the love, we can tell how much they miss each other! Thank you Ms. Cuff and we miss you our Pre-K friends!
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New Normal

Mrs. Mieczkowski’s Sixth Graders have been working hard during our “New Normal” of remote learning.  Every Friday we like to take it down and enjoy a little “Fun Learning”.  This past Friday  they had an art class and were able to create and present their own color wheel using things they can find around their house.  The sixth graders had a great time my! We are so blessed with our teachers creativity!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

ACS’ grade 4 students read a Cinco de Mayo Children’s book together followed by a video of a fiesta to celebrate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. We then created our own maracas using items around the house such as Easter eggs or cups and rice or pasta!

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Knock Knock, Teacher’s Here

Today, ACS teachers paid a surprise visit to their Principal’s house to wish her a Happy Principal’s Day! Keeping social-distancing, the visit was filled with happy signs, flowers and tears of joy. Hats off to the great principal Mrs. Shumny and our caring teachers. We are truly a family at ACS in Perth Amboy, NJ  and we would love you to be part of us!

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