2019 National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Induction Ceremony

2019 National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Induction Ceremony. Congratulations to the eleven 7th and 8th grade students of Assumption Catholic School who consistently demonstrate excellence in the following areas: scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Our ceremony was held at church where Father Ivan blessed their pins and Mrs. Shumny presented students with their certificates. We thank Mrs. Pickering for being the chapter mentor and the committee who worked so diligently during the selection process.

Mother’s Day Celebration

The students from Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade honored their mothers by inviting them to a very special Mother’s Day Celebration at ACS. Mothers were presented with flowers, a pair of gloves and a cake with lemonade. The day was filled with big smiles and more than a few happy tears.

Dr. Hetling, a Rutgers professor visits ACS.

The middle school students were very lucky to be able to listen and learn about research methods in regards to public policy and the laws surrounding them. Dr. Hetling, a Rutgers professor and social scientist, caught the ears of the middle school students by discussing how her research had positively impacted society. They were also eager to hear how she played a key role in working with the new governor, Murphy, in working with the past governor in transferring policies and key information that effect all of us in a daily basis. Dr. Hetling also touched home by talking about future college possibilities for the students. Overall, the students had a great time, learned a lot, and asked many great questions that lead to a discussion that will be remembered.


ACS’s Anti-Bullying Yo-Yo Assembly was a hit! Students were on the edge of their seats today when our special guest was performing his marvelous tricks. Even though he’s been ‘around the world’ he took the time to make our students days a bit brighter. Students not only learned new tricks but learned the true meaning of kindness and what it truly means to be a good friend to one another.

Trip to Monmouth Museum and Holmdel Park

A beautiful sunny day was perfect weather for a field trip to Monmouth Museum and Holmdel Park. Students in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first and second grades really enjoyed their day of learning. 
First and second graders were guided by their docent, Mr. Todd, through the topics of weather, constellations, space travel, and a bit of ancient Egypt. It’s difficult to decide but some favorite highlights of the day were sitting in the driver’s seat of a helicopter, appearing on a “television screen” as a meteorologist and holding a real meteorite. Or maybe it was the slide from the second to first floor. 
For lunch all students, chaperones, and teachers had a picnic at Holmdel Park. Last a self-guided tour through the 1890s Longstreet Farm gave everyone a glimpse into the past.

Liberty State Park Trip

ACS Grades 3 – 8 rode the Liberty State Park ferry to walk in the foot steps of immigrants from over 100 years ago! Students took an audio tour that guided them through the very same process that immigrants experienced in the early 1900’s. From intelligence tests, to medical and legal examinations, students listened to stories about how immigrants entered America at Ellis Island. After a picnic lunch on the Ellis Island courtyard, another ferry ride took them to the Statue of Liberty and a view of Manhattan across New York Harbor. Thank you to all our chaperones and teachers for making this trip possible!

First Penance and Solemn Communion Class of 2019

Congratulations to our parish and school children who received their First Penance and Solemn Holy Communion today! Congratulations to:
  • Nicholas Joseph Bachorik
  • Denny Canela
  • Sophia Lynn DeCarlo
  • Alexander Dragan
  • Julian Jose Espinal
  • Gianna Marie Guzman
  • Isabella Jane Herrera
  • Orlando Luis Leon
  • Lucas John Mascenik
  • Inney Anamarie Miranda
  • Allison Pita
  • Maxsim Wieslaw Pryszcz
  • Giovanna Liz Barrientos-Roman,
  • Mia Leilani Saez
  • Andriana Stupak
  • Sofia Tabaka
  • Natalia Hetling Wernyj
  • Alexys Bryanna Villamar
  • Kayden Daniel Portocarrero Vazquez
May the Lord bless you and your family. A sincere thank you Mrs. Nancy Bialkowski and Mrs. Melanie Lawrence (2nd grade teacher) who served as their catechists. Special thanks go to our school FSA for preparing a delicious breakfast for our children.

ACS class of 2015

What does the ACS class of 2015 do during Easter break? Visit their old home and share their college decisions! We are so proud of these young scholars. Elena Z has committed to Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Katie P has committed to Rutgers Honors School, Steven M has been accepted in the Stars Program at Middlesex, Alyssa M will be attending Middlesex County College and Carlos C is still contemplating NJIT or Rowan University. We are so proud of these young alumni and pray that God continue to guide them as they celebrate their high school graduations and start this next chapter in their life.

Party Planners Project

What real life project are the 8th graders working on this month? Well, they love parties and with graduation on the way they have taken on the job of party planners! They have been working collaboratively on their presentation. The students have been trying to sell their company’s services to potential clients looking for a birthday party for 100 guests. They had to research prices, compare and debate within their groups and finalize a presentation to impress the possible clients. They have to create thank you cards and invitations to go along and select entertainment! They have been very surprised at how expensive it is to have a party!

Alumni News

ALUMNI NEWS: We congratulate Steven M. and Carlos C., ACS Class of 2015, and current architecture students at EBVT! They won first place in the NJ Engineering Technology & Design Competition hosted by Skills USA. Skills USA, a national organization, encourages students to help develop new technology skills. Carlos and Steven began working on their project and first identified a problem to solve. They settled on the process of daily morning routines and how getting ready involves bending down to reach shoes, drawers, and other containers. They focused on the question: what if someone has trouble doing what we consider simple tasks? This question fueled their research and development. They produced a finished prototype using hardware, laser cut wood, and 3D printed components. The final prototype was a small scale, button operated scissor lift that could elevate objects to be more accessible. Now scissor lifts aren’t a new concept, they exist in different industries, but on a much bigger scale and price point. Yet, the main focus was to take the concept of a scissor lift and apply it to daily use in a household. They not only created this prototype, but they also developed a marketing plan and had to present it to a panel of judges. We are truly proud of their endeavors and we find it important to have a good understanding of all areas of design.