Social Media Safety

The Classes of 2019 and 2020 recently had representatives of the Perth Amboy Police Department speak to them on media safety. Detectives G. Betancourt and Detective R. Nolasco took time to explain the consequences of inappropriate actions using social media. 

The detective showed two videos depicting real – life situations in which the use of social media caused much personal pain for those involved. Cyber -bullying and sexting was addressed with the students. Students discussed with the detectives how it affects those involved and what can be done if a student finds themselves in that situation. Also discussed was what can result when charges are brought about as a result of using social media for the purpose of hurting someone’s reputation. Students left the discussion with the knowledge that we must be responsible when using social media and the need to report inappropriate actions on social media.Thank you Detectives Betancourt and Nolasco for an informative session!

2019 Respect Life Poster Contest

Out of 240 posters submitted, our 5th grader, Kiera, won 2nd place for the Diocese of Metuchen Catholic Schools Week poster contest. Way to go Kiera! The theme this year was: “How can we do as Jesus has asked us and love others who look different from us? How can we celebrate our differences?” Her art work was beautiful and her message was powerful. When Mrs. Shumny announced the big news today, everyone was so proud of her!

Father Daughter Dance.

The 2019 ACS Father Daughter Dance was outstanding! All the young ladies who attended the event looked lovely in their dresses and their dad’s looked so proud to be their dance partners.Throughout the evening we played some special songs where fathers and daughters were able to dance and enjoy their special bond. This is ACS’s second annual Father Daughter Dance and truly a night to remember for all.

Valentine’s Day in PreK.

The kids started the day with an inference game. Students had to listen to the clues and infer which person or animal should get the Valentine. The day continued with Valentine themed centers , crafts and delivery of our Valentines. The day ended with delicious treats for everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Basketball Game

Last week at  ACS we hosted a wonderful community event. What started in October as a Basketball Club at our school grew into a smaller competitive team, which showed a lot of heart tonight. We invited Perth Amboy Catholic School to play a game with us and we’re estaticto host. PACS students played an excellent game and took the win. We thank them and their coaches for the competitive scrimmage. We look forward to many more sport events! SO WHO IS JOINING TRACK?

Scale Drawing

What is going on in 7th grade?! Well, they have been studying drawing things to scale, indirect measures, proportions and comparing scale drawings to real life objects. The students created a scale drawing of a basic home with 4 rooms and now will take that scale drawing and create a model home. They had to use their math skills and work collaboratively! What a great project!

Fourth Grade News

Fourth grade had been learning about simple machines. They learned about how simple machines help us to make everyday jobs easier. Everyone then partook in creating their own simple machines and sharing them with each other.

100 Days of School

The day started with Pre-K through first grade coming to school dressed as if they were 100 years old! They had so much fun dressing up! Pre-K started the morning reading “100 Hungry Ants” and counting their own 100 plastic ants by 10’s. In centers they built structures using 100 solo cups, 100 craft sticks, 100 unifix cubes and 100 pattern blocks. 
In Kindergarten and first grade, our students danced and counted to the “100 Song”. Kindergarten also had Centers all related to counting to 100! First grade used a Hundred Chart to count and practiced skip counting by 10 all the way to 100. 

Second grade also had a blast counting crackers, M&Ms, teddy grahams, and goldfish in groups of 10 to make 100. The best part was eating them! 

In 3rd-5th grade we saw students working together and using various activities with 100 things: this included building with 100 pieces of material and imagining what we will look like at age 100. The projects created were amazing! 

And last, but not least …. Mr. Wythe’s middle school social studies classes learned about what life was like 100 years ago for the 100th day of school. Students learned how from planes, trains, and automobiles to social issues like voting rights and segregation, America has grown since 1919. Students prepared a presentation on what they think America will look like 100 years from now in 2119, and what they will do to make that future a reality. What a day full of learning and celebrating 100 days of studies!

What happens on a 55 degree day in our ACS Pre-K?

What happens on a 55 degree day in our ACS Pre-K? We FLIP our lesson plans, become explorers and take our lesson outside! We began our day reading about the rain forest and all the beautiful plants and flowers God has created! Then it was time for our science experiment – we dissected a plant and discussed the job of the roots, stem and the leaves. We talked about the need for sun and water and yes we played with dirt! We then took our exploration outside and found plants and observed all the different parts that we explored in the classroom. We ended our lesson by drawing our own plants. What an outstanding morning! Now off to learn about perseverance in our religion lesson!

Stock Market Lessons.

Stocks and the joy of making money…well, we hope! The green board in the back of the 7th grade classroom has become the source of great excitement and a bit of bragging rights for the middle school stock leaders. 6th through 8th graders have learned to analyze stock and use their research to make money. Each class  invests $50,000 into four or five companies on a weekly basis and have to keep track of their investment. They have another $50,000-$55,000 to invest in a different ten to twelve companies and this is a longer term investment. Their weekly analysis shows if they made or lost money and then they have to discuss how current events and economic trends that may have affected their stock each week.