Consecration Prayer Service for Children

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, ACS children were united with all Catholic school students in the Diocese of Metuchen. At exactly 12:30, a pre-recorded Consecration Prayer Service for Children was played in each school throughout the Diocese, thereby consecrating the Diocese of Metuchen community to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Students were provided with copies of the prayer service and songs to enable full participation. Father Ivan prefaced the prayer service with a brief talk and ACS students then presented roses to Our Lady of Guadalupe. This symbolizes the roses she gave to Juan Diego 488 years ago in Mexico as proof she appeared to him. It was a moving afternoon and we were grateful to be one Catholic school community.

Atoms To Epochs

Whether it be chemistry for the Class of 2021 or Epochs for the Class of 2020, science class has been buzzing with activity. Measuring density,finding boiling points, and modeling atoms are ll activities seventh graders are completing to comprehend the atomic structure. Eighth graders have been trying to gain an understanding of how birds may be related to dinosaurs by studying changes in different species throughout geologic time. Although the two may be far apart, each in their own way is learning to appreciate the world that God has blessed us with.

ACS Teachers

What exactly do ACS teachers do on a 12:30 dismissal day? The answer: A LOT! By the end of today we will all be CPR and AED Certified! Those of us who are already certified, are making great strides in our re-accreditation process.  We count our blessings everyday to have such a strong and dedicated team of professionals dedicated to our students and committed to a strong Catholic education.

PreK Update

Today PreK is thankful for their 6th grade friends! With Thanksgiving just around the corner , we needed to make some Turkey’s. The 6th grade followed the step by step instructions to help their PreK friends build a Turkey. It was a fun morning for everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to all our families and friends.

6th Grade News

The 6th grade class has been busy!! They finished their  Science Lesson on “Natural Disasters” by performing an Earthquake Proof Building Lab. The students constructed a model building and subjected the buildings to ground vibrations on a small table.

Christmas Bazaar 2019

The festive season has officially started here at Assumption Catholic School in Perth Amboy, NJ with our annual Christmas Bazaar taking place this Sunday, November 17. The Bazaar is one of the highlights of our school calendar and the success of this fundraising event boils down to the commitment of our FSA (Family School Association). A special thank you goes to Mrs. Allyson Fizer, President of FSA and her Board who worked tirelessly in the build up to the day and at the event. They planned and executed a great event for the school. By all measures, it was a huge success! The turnout was great and the atmosphere fantastic. The beautiful auction prizes, children’s games, face painting, vendors, crafts, and delicious food all added to the festivities leaving attendees smiling and entertained. We thank the FSA members and all those who helped in any way – whether you baked, cooked, worked in the kitchen or sold ruffle tickets, solicited donations, it all helped to make our Christmas Bazaar successful! It was also a wonderful prelude to the Christmas season. A special thank you also goes out to the students, staff and faculty of ACS for participation at the Bazaar. Without you, we couldn’t be the great school that we are today. All proceeds are used to support the educational programs and mission of ACS – to Know, to Love and to Serve God.

Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, formerly known as Armistice Day., which remembers the end of WWI – which went into effect on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour.Today, we celebrate the services of all those that have served in the Armed Forces. While, we should always be appreciative of those that have served, today is the day that businesses make it a point to say thank you with discounts and free meals. We should also always keep the struggling veterans in our prayers. Many find themselves with sickness, both physical and mental as a result of their sacrifice for our countryOne of our alumni, Yahnie W., asked current ACS students to join her in participating in a campaign to write letters and cards to those in the military. Our students created over 150 cards for those who serve and protect us! ACS wishes to acknowledge this beautiful day!


Students of the Month

What a way to start off a Wednesday! Today at ACS we announced our October Student of the Month. What do our teachers look for when selecting a student? *Significant progress in the classroom*Marked improvement in grades*Outstanding grades*Leadership*Christ like consideration towards others*Outstanding attitude/disposition*Personal development*Exemplary characterIt was a hard choice but here are our ACS October Students of the Month: PK: Ian, Kinder: Yug, grade 1: Jacob, grade 2: Akshara, grade 3: Mia, grade 4:Maksim, grade 5: Edgar, grade 6: Zoey, grade 7: Derek, Grade 8: Fiorella