Sodality at Assumption Catholic School

On Friday, May 3, 2024  Sodalists from Assumption Catholic School (ACS) in Perth Amboy, NJ participated in a special Liturgy and a consecration ceremony of 26 new members. Fr. Ivan Turyk delivered a homily about Mary’s journey to Elizabeth and gave a special blessing to each of the girls.
ACS Sodality is a sisterhood comprised of young ladies and women (grade 3 and beyond) who practice the ideals set forth by Our Blessed Virgin Mary. Sodality has been part of ACS’ history for over 50 years and our young ladies are committed to growing in personal holiness and serving their school community through their consecration to Jesus through Mary. The young women of this Sodality, under a spiritual guidance of our school sisters Sr. Veronica, Sr. Trijtsi and Sr. Svitanku were preparing for this day for the whole year. They attended meetings, learned songs and deepened their knowledge about the Blessed Mother of God.
Our Sisters, who belong to the order of Sisters Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará, also decorated a church, personally have sew all caps and prepare a very moving ceremony for our sodalists and their parents,  who were in  the attendance.
During the consecration ceremony, the candidates made their Marian pledge and received from Fr. Ivan and Sisters a medal and a blue blessed garment as an outward sign of their consecration with the Sodality.