You could feel excitement in the air on October 27, 2010 as the Fabulous Fifth gathered to watch a live webcast, Read Now with Taylor Swift. Webcasting is a new addition to ACS. Using the internet, a projector and a Smartboard, students participated with thousands of students from across the nation in a live webcast event. The students were amazed at how technology enabled them to watch and participate in real time. The Fabulous Fifth was especially excited because this broadcast featured one of their favorite musicians, Taylor Swift. This year Scholastic celebrates 90 years of promoting literacy in the United States. This year’s campaign is called “Read Every Day-Lead a Better Life”. To help celebrate, Scholastic partnered with Grammy-Award Winning Recording Artist, Taylor Swift and Actor-Musician-Comedian Nick Cannon to teach kids the importance of reading every day. Nick and Taylor talked about their favorite stories and answered questions from students across the country. The show ended with Taylor Swift singing her new hit single “Mine”. The Fabulous Fifth was singing along! We are looking forward to our next webcasting experience!

Fall Coloring Contest Winners

ACS Student Council recently sponsored a coloring contest. Students in each grade were given a different fall picture to complete using their coloring skills. All finished pictures were displayed on the auditorium wall. Bingo players were asked to pick out their favorite picture. One winner was chosen from each grade with the exception of grade four. Two winners were chosen due to a tie.

Winning students were called to the stage after prayers on Monday, November 1.They were each presented with a certificate from the representatives of the Student Council. Winning pictures will be on display in the auditorium until Thanksgiving.

Congratulations to the following students: K -Ishaani , Gr.1- Tanya, Gr.2- Anali, Gr.3 – Jon, Gr.4-Julian & Elonnie, Gr.5-Andrew, Gr.6 -Luis, Gr.7-Vanessa, Gr.8-Nicole F.

Tradition – Behind School Fundraiser

The students and teachers spend weeks preparing the homemade foods and baked goods – including 300 dozens of pierogies (varenyky) – to sell at the schools 's annual Christmas Bazaar to raise money for the school and its outreach. Working alongside their teachers, the students learned the value of a hard day’s work – and that cooperation comes first. The Pierogies Project in always filled with love for our traditions and Church. A very special thanks to the members of the school FSA for putting in especially long hours assisting with all sorts of preparations leading up to the School Christmas Bazaar!

St. Josaphat – Martyr for the Faith

On November 12, Roman Catholics and  Eastern Catholics remembered St. Josaphat Kuntsevych, a bishop and monk whose example of faith inspired many Eastern Orthodox Christians to return to full communion with the Holy See.  St. Josaphat,  worked faithfully for the unity of the Church until he suffered martyrdom. He died defending the truths expressed in the Creed, “I believe in One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic church.” St. Josaphat is the first Ukrainian saint canonized by the Catholic Church. Pope Pius IX proclaimed him a Saint of the Church Universal on June 29, 1867 and he is  buried in a glass fronted altar in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. On the feast day of St. Josaphat, the students of Assumption Church participated at the Liturgy and meditated on the life and heroic holiness of the great saint. After the Liturgy, Sr. Yosaphata, the  Vice Principal and Financial Administrator of the school, received a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her feast day.

Annual Grammar School Competition

On November 2, students in grades 5, 6, and 7 from Assumption Catholic School took part in the Thirteenth Annual Grammar School Competition at Bishop George Ahr High School. Our students participated in five categories of activities:  Jeopardy, Problem Solving, Dramatic Arts, Athletics, and a Spelling Bee. We are proud to say that we achieved 3rd place in the Athletics competition.  This is our third year participating in this Diocesan event and we look forward to the opportunity to showcase our students’ talents and abilities.  The seventeen students that participated were commended in a letter from Bishop Ahr for their behavior and their eagerness to participate!  They were also invited to participate in the “Student For A Day” program.  Congratulations!


Fabulous Fifth – Literacy Elements Study

The Fabulous Fifth started the year with a study into literacy elements of setting, characters, plot, problem and solution, conclusion and personal reaction. Using the summer reading books, students created storyboard depictions of the literacy elements from their assigned readings. Students had a choice of the following stories for their projects: Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett; Frindle by Andrew Clements; Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan or Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Storyboards were on display in the 3-4-5 hallway for viewing on Back to School Night. The study of literacy elements will continue throughout the 5th grade year.


Do you know how many drops of water fit on a nickel? How do you know when a glass is really filled? Will a pumpkin sink or float? These are some of the questions students answered while learning about the properties of water. Students in grades six, seven, and eight answered these questions as they worked together on some fun science/math activities to celebrate the end of the marking period.

Students were grouped across the grades and worked on writing skills as well as math and science. They moved from activity to activity using their math and science skills to solve problems.  They measured, observed, estimated, and recorded. Everyone participated by having a specific job for each activity.

At the end of the day students had learned more than the properties of water. They learned about cooperation, teamwork, and responsibility. The teachers felt that everything went so well, they are looking forward to doing this type of activity again.

Power Ball Hits at Parish Bingo

On September 1, 2010, a new feature, popular with bingo  patrons, started.  Power Ball was added!  Starting with that Wednesday’s games the night’s caller pulled a number prior to the start of the regular games.  This would be known as the Power Ball. A $100 “pot” would be won by a player if their winning number for a game (other than the 50/50 games) was the Power Ball number of the night.  Excitement grows when no one wins on the Power Ball for the night as $50 would be added to the pot for the next bingo night.   

As luck is unpredictable, no one won on a Power Ball number and the pot grew to be $500, which is the limit.  It stayed at $500 for twelve evenings of bingo until Wednesday, November 3, 2010.  That evening a regular patron of our bingo games won on I 20, the Power Ball number of the evening.  Congratulations to the winner and good luck to all players as the Power Ball pot will again start at $100 and grow until there is another winner.

M&M’s School Story

M& M’s are all over the halls at Assumption Catholic School. Why you might ask? We use the M&M’s to represent the students that attend our school. We don’t only have Ukrainian students that attend our school any longer. We have a wide range of nationalities and cultures from Egyptian to Chinese and all of the Latin countries as well. We use the characters to explain that we may be different colors on the outside but inside we are the same. So each class has their own M&M character this year to dress up for the holidays.

School’s Trunk or Treat

The first annual Trick-or-Trunk Halloween celebration on the Assumption School parking lot was a huge success this past Saturday!   The parents of our school students decorated the trunks of their cars in a myriad of ways.  Children were treated to the sights and sounds of Halloween including Frankstein's Laboratory, a graveyard and enormous spiders. Families hand out treats while the kids parade around in their costumes. The members of the school FSA also prepared hot chocolate for all kids and their parents. At 2:00 sharp the Pastor and Chief Administrator of the school Fr. Ivan Turyk, gave signal and all children present began their trick-or-treat journey from car to car gathering candies. The event provided a safe family environment for trick or treaters. Calendars are already being marked for this event next year.