Welcome Back To School

If you were standing anywhere near Assumption Catholic School on the morning of Wednesday, September 05, 2012 you would have felt the excitement in the air. The question is, was it the excitement of the students or the parents? Most likely it was a combination of both, students and parents! There’s nothing like the first day of school.

Students used the time on the playground to catch up with old friends after a long summer of relaxation. New students were welcomed by their new classmates, becoming a part of the ACS family. Teachers were just as excited as the students and welcomed their new class with enthusiasm.

With the sounding of the first bell students entered the building led by their teachers. The playground quickly emptied of students and before you knew it, parents were left standing with a list of different emotions. Some were sending their first off to school, others were sending their youngest, evoking a feeling of either happiness or just a little sadness. Some parents might have shed tears. Were they tears of sadness or tears of joy? Many parents were probably left wondering what they were going to do with their child/children in school all day.

A new year has started!