Day 4: Catholic Schools Week 2020!

Our whole school celebrated today with grades Pre-K to second having a Pajama Day and grades 3 to 8 having Mis-matched Day!

We can’t forget our end of day Pep Rally!! We acknowledged our quarter 1 and 2 Students of the Month, our Jeopardy and Escape Room winners, and all the students who participate in after school clubs! 

Pre-Kindergarten: They made beautiful wreaths with grade 6 and they watched a movie with blankets and pillows and enjoyed their PAJAMA DAY! They also put the finishing touches on their CSW booklets! 

Kindergartenen: Kinder also enjoyed pajama day today!
Grades 1 to 3: Lights! Camera! Action! Today each group acted out their assigned Bible stories and what an excellent performance it was! Noah and the Flood, The Good Samaritan, and The Rich Man and Lazarus were among some of the beautiful stories. The three classes also made cards for first responders.

Fourth and Fifth grade: Their creativity was on fire! They finished their cards to our ACS Support Staff and FSA Board members. They discussed why they love their school and painted “I love my school” pictures.

Middle school- the excitement continued! Today was the final round of Jeopardy and the winners were Caeleb, Kiara, Alyssa, Brian and Mercedes! 

Stay tuned for our wrap up day tomorrow!