Day 3: Catholic Schools Week 2020!

Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten: SHOW AND TELL!! Each student brought in a favorite toy to share with their class and gave a mini presentation! 
I’m addition: Pre-K observed the effects of orbeez beads in water yesterday watched them expanded over night! 

Kindergarteners worked on an amazing Science Experiment – the topic…. GERMS!! They explored how to stay healthy and how germs are transmitted. 

Grades 1 to 3: Sharing is Caring! This grade group also brought in one of their favorite toys from home to share with their class. They also made beautiful Prayer Bracelets. 

Fourth and Fifth grade: Once again fourth and fifth graders came together for a Catholic Schools’ week event. This time it was delicious. Their teachers, Ms. Martinez and Mrs. Lawrence, treated them to breakfast. Students had their choice of several sweet cereals. Some were satisfied with one bowl, some had three, but all had fun!

Middle school teachers treated their students to a delicious breakfast! The 6th through 8th grade enjoyed time to hangout with their friends and enjoy an hour of fun in the morning.