Catholic Schools Week Monday, January 30th.

School Spirit Day is the only way to start Catholic Schools Week!  A beautiful sight of blue and yellow at ACS gathered for morning prayers.

Monday was ACS’ Community Appreciation Day. Each class was assigned a special group to create cards for because those who support our community are so important to us.  As a whole school we welcomed the Perth Amboy Police Department, EMTS and Fire Department.  They took a tour of our building and stopped by Mrs. Shumny’s office to have lunch and some coffee! Thank you to our amazing FSA for lunch.

Pre-Kindergarten: This morning started off with them having breakfast with their  middle school friends. Then, the police and fire departments visited their classrooms.  The most exciting part was seeing a firetruck and presenting the police department with thank you cards decorated with pictures and their names. We had lunch with our lower grade friends and were treated to happy meals from McDonald’s by the FSA. After lunch they began coloring the Catholic ABC booklet that they will be working on all week. In the afternoon they did a show and tell about their favorite stuffed animals that they brought from home.

Grade K: Today they made a special book full of Thank You coloring pages to give to their First Responders. They also made a special snow globe that says Jesus Warms My Heart.  They had a lot of fun at our first pep rally cheering on our whole school!

Grade 1: This morning first grade kicked off Catholic Schools Week by making thank you cards for their firefighters from the Perth Amboy Fire Department. They made a beautiful We Love our Catholic School coloring page. After their delicious Mcdonalds Lunch, they ended the day decorating their very own sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles. First Grade students were also surprised with a movie in the afternoon. They had a lot of fun at our pep rally cheering on their 8th grader friends and teachers in a game of Hungry Hungry Hippo.

Grade 2: Second grade started off Catholic Schools Week by learning a little about the Knights of Columbus and making beautiful cards, recognizing and thanking them for all they do. Then, throughout the morning, 2rd graders donned their aprons and took turns “Kooking in the Klassroom with Mrs. Kukuruza”. They measured, mixed and made scrumptious bite size brownies in a cupcake maker!  While waiting for their brownies to be ready, they practiced our writing in our Catholic Schools Week booklets. To top off our day, they had a blast at the ACS pep rally, and cheered for the 8th graders (and teachers) as they competed in a life-size version of Hungry Hungry Hippo! We can’t wait for tomorrow!

Grade 3: Today, our 3rd graders kicked off Catholic Schools Week by writing Thank you cards for our local first responders, 21CCC coordinators and our awesome security guard, Pablo! We followed that with our wonderful dessert waffles topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles made by Miss. Roque in the classroom! Once our bellies were full, we had 8th graders, Corey, Victoria and Daniel teach us about magnets and work on some experiments with us! We concluded our day watching the Pep Rally and cheering on our fellow classmates and watching Miss. Roque participated in the 8th Grade vs Teachers Challenge! What a way to kick off the week! 😁💙💛

Grade 4th: Today we discussed and drew the reasons why we love our Catholic School. We made thank you cards for the Perth Amboy Senior Community, our 21CCC Coordinators and our security guard, Pablo. We have been working so hard on knowing multiplication and division facts, so we enjoyed some division practice which we will finish tomorrow since we enjoyed fun activities with our fellow ACS Students at a fun ACS Pep Rally!

Grades 5 through 8 had an ACS Diner Drive-in & Dives Morning, sponsored by teachers and was a hit with the middle school!  The teachers made eggs, bacon, tator tots and so much more. The kids spend a morning talking and finishing their appreciation cards and the teachers were their servers.  In the afternoon Miss Shumny ran an EPIC Pep Rally! Music, recogntions, relay races and most memorable our first Hungry Hungry 8th Graders!!! What a great time.

What will tomorrow bring?