Principal for a day

Principal for a day?  Sign me up!  Several students had a chance to be principal for a day. All they had to do was to get a parent to fill out an income survey.  Winners were randomly picked from the surveys that were returned.
The day started with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Then Mrs. Shumny gave them some principal business to do. Included on that to do list was a chromebook inventory, a building checklist, and teacher observations. There were many trips made to classrooms to ask questions and deliver papers.
It is safe to say that the best part of the day was lunch with Mrs. Shumny and giving their home room class a no homework pass. Surely 1st grade Anthony and Sullivan, 3rd grade Bianca, 4th grade Dylan, 5th grade Hailey, 6th grade Anthony, and 7th grade Sammy would agree it was great to run the school (but just for one day)!