May The Fourth Be With You

The fourth really was quite the good day for the teachers! The Family and School Association treated the teachers to lunch in celebration of Teachers Appreciation Day.  What a tasty feast was provided for them culminating in a tray of cookies and the best crumb cake of Middlesex County!  Thank you, FSA, for always thinking of the teachers.
Then Mrs. Shumny went quickly through a short agenda focusing mostly on the end of year activities, of which there are many.  (We may be a small school but you wouldn’t know it by all we do.)  She stepped up the speed of our meeting to allow time for a professional development called “Classroom Strategies for the Distracted Learner.”
This was presented by Lora Gandolfo, MS OTR/L.  She was well prepared and her expertise showed in all she presented.  However, the absolute best part was near the end when she explained and demonstrated Bal-A-Vis exercises.  Bal-a-Vis stands for balance/auditory/vision exercises.  Well!  The teachers had a ball, literally.  

All the teachers were given handballs that they used to practice exercises in rhythm, visual tracking, and movement.  It sounds simple but all the exercises needed some practice. A metronome was used for a regular rhythm to do things such as  V-ball clap over and V-ball behind the back.  There may be a lot of ball bouncing in the future at ACS as the teachers left the professional development inspired by a new skill to help their students.