ACS Students learn about an Icon: Taras Shevchenko

March 9 is a day to celebrate a legendary Ukrainian, Taras Shevchenko. He was born a serf on March 9, 1814, and after a hard childhood, he experienced a series of lucky breaks that gained him entry to a prestigious art school and also his freedom from servitude. What he is truly famous for is altering the landscape of modern Ukrainian literature, with the publication of his collection of poems titled “Kobzar.” Students of all ages enjoyed coloring his portrait (based on a portrait he painted of himself), viewing some of his oil paintings, hearing the English versions of some of his most famous poems, including “Zapovit / My Testament” and “Sadok Vyshnevyy Kolo Khaty / The Cherry Orchard by the House” and even got to listen to some of the songs written that use his poems for lyrics. Many of the students were truly moved by hearing his words that still ring true today.