Wow! Wow! Wow! What a Wednesday!
As part of Catholic Schools’ week, fourth graders are recognizing how far they’ve come.  Each student brought in pictures of themselves before kindergarten.  In their journals a list was developed of what they can do now that they could not do then.  We were surprised at all we accomplished. 4th grade had a look at us now day, to see how much we have learned since kindergarten, then enjoyed a movie in the afternoon.  
Our 3rd grade class participated in Superheroes Day! They were tasked with choosing a influential person that have shaped our world. With there selection, they were diligently to create presentations and dress up to honor their memory. We had the following: Selena Quintanilla, Roberto Clemente, Lebron James, Audrey Hepburn, Serena Williams, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Betty White, Kamala Harris, Adrienne Bailon, Ruth Bater Ginsberg, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, to Hedy Lamarr, Lionel Messi, and Queen Elizabeth. As they look up to these trailblazers, we know that one day they will be the leaders that are driving change to make our world a better place through Christ. What else happened today…
*Middles School had their board game day
*3rd – 5th grade participated in a scavenger hunt hosted by the 8th grade
*2nd grade ended the day with a movie
*1st grade made thank you cards for Mrs. Shumny
*Kindergarten made rosary’s with beads and pipe cleaners, with the correct number of beads for each Hail Mary and Our Father.  
*Pre- K made necklaces that said We Love Our Catholic School and the 8th graders taught them about the groundhog.  
And we had a teacher Pasta To-Go night for our families! All proceeds going towards a spring field trip!
And just wait until tomorrow!!