Sharing Lunches.

The ACS Class of 2020 had a short lesson in history and social awareness when they helped prepare 100 lunches alongside our friends from Perth Amboy Catholic, the University of Notre Dame NJ Alumni Group, and NJ Troopers. The program is called “Sharing Lunches”. It benefits the Hogar Crea Treatment Center and the Center for Support and Success , both right here in Perth Amboy.
They experienced first hand the assembly line way of working. While they assembled sandwiches and filled the “Sharing Lunches” lunch bags, the class discussed what it must have been like to work doing the same job for 12 hours a day at the turn of the 20th Century.
Students also talked about the value of helping those in our community that may be in need of extra support. We are called to serve God by serving others; so, today the Class of 2020 worked together to hopefully make someone’s day just a little easier and happier. During this season of Lent what better way to give of ourselves then to do work of charity!