Day 3 of Catholic Schools Week 2019

Today Pre-K, kinder and 1st grade had a wonderful time sharing and presenting a special item from home. They each spoke about why the item is special, how they got it, and how long they’ve had it. They did a terrific job! Kindergarten and first grade also had their second day of hatching observations, and were excited that the egg finally cracked! THERE’S MORE! The day also included the 8th graders teaching excellent social studies and science lessons, which has become an annual tradition that everyone looks forward to. Yet, the teaching award of the day goes to Father Ivan for his demonstration at church today! Father showed and explained the significance and symbolism of each piece of a priest’s vestments. From the color, to the designs, and each article of clothings special meaning. Father told students how he prepares the communion bread called “prosphora”. He had a sample bread, and demonstrated how he does the special cuts of bread and explained the symbolism of each piece. Students were quite interested in the process and honored to see the communion plate and cup so close. It was a morning they will long remember.