2018 End of Year Whole School Trip

ACS and The Liberty Science Center did it again! To end the school year, all ACS students participated in a hands-on science lab followed by an amazing experience in the LSC’s new Planetarium. The labs were tailored to our curriculum and personalized for our students. This was our itinerary:

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten learned about the weather and seasons with a three dimensional earth that rotated and created an unbelievable visual for them. First and second grade learned about how the sun affects everything from the ocean currents and weather, to the migration patterns of sea turtles. They also learned about how fault lines shape our continents and how they are still moving today. Third and fourth grade performed ocular surgery on a cow’s eye – unreal! The students were a little grossed out yet, fascinated and learned many new concepts. Fifth grade’s lab was a “Whodunnit” lab where they had to dust for fingerprints and investigate! They presented their evidence and hypothesis and had to “work the case”. Sixth, seventh and eighth participated in an App development lab where they followed coding steps to create their very own App. We ended the day with a “Night’s Sky” Planetarium presentation. We all learned about the different star Constellations and what the sky looks like from different places. The students and teachers were fascinated.

It was a day full of learning and pure science fun. ACS teacher’s have worked hard to offer all their students a different Science Experience and the Liberty Science Center has been the perfect partner to make this happen.