Annual Spelling Bee.

On Wednesday, May 9th at 1:15 in the afternoon K-8th graders at ACS took part in our 2nd Annual Spelling Bee. The top 2 spellers from each grade level went on stage to then compete against others in their grade level grouping. A great time was had by all! K Jason Nogueras and Agamjeet Mann, 1- Claire Chendorian and Sophia De Carlo, 2- Gia Nichols and Elijah Eyeson K-2 winner Sophia Decarlo. 3- Emma Palhais and Victoria Magyar 4- Gabriella Domingues and Alayne Villamar, 5- Yean Paul Magyar and Breanna Canella. 3-5 winner Gabriella Domingues. 6- Caeleb Chendorian and Kaitlin Minatelli,7- Natalie Daly and Diana Kalynyak, 8- Laura Grausum and Alden Ortiz. 6-8 winner Natalie Daly. Congratulations to everyone!