Catholic Schools Week Activities at ACS

January 28to to February 3rd

PK – 8 -Student Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Class of 2018
PK – 8th grade – Pro-Life Poster completion
PK – 8th grade – STEM Ice Cream Science Day
PK – Marshmallow Monday
K – 2nd – School spirit day (make hats and pom pom shakers)
3rd and 4th- Measuring in Math

PK – 8 – Class of 2018 vs Parents/Teachers Basketball Game (1:30 pm), AND whole school Spirit Day, wear your blue and yellow!
PK – Tooty Ta Tuesday-prek will be coming to classrooms to do Tooty Ta with the classes. 
K – 2nd grade  – Game day (students will mix & mingle to play board games with neighboring grades)
3rd and 4th – Our Planet Earth

PK – 8 -Students Council will share/read their favorite childhood story to Pre K – 4 grades
PK – Winter Olympic Wednesday
PK – 4 -Special Person Lunch Day
K – 2nd grade – Activity to a book they were read 
3rd-4th -Prosfora Baking with Sister Yosephata
6 – 8 grades -Father Ivan: Review liturgical meaning of priest’s vestments and a special service of Proskomedia (Every time the Divine Liturgy is served, priest  stand before the small Table and prepare the bread and the wine for the coming Eucharist.)  

PK-8 Grades -8th grade students are the teachers for a class period
PK-8 Grades -Thankful Thursday-make cards for parents and special teachers.
K-2nd grade -Make a craft and thank you for all you do cards for the town’s fire and police people
3rd & 4th Grades -Community Helper Appreciation

Faith – Family – Fun Day – Bishop Andriy Rabiy from Philadelphia will be visiting ACS.
All ACS families and friends are invited to join us!

***Our Pre-K parents are invited to visit Kindergarten and see what it is all about.***