Grade 8 Ring Ceremony

This week was a very busy week for the Class of 2018. They celebrated their last Saint Nicholas Day at ACS on Wednesday, followed by the day they have been waiting for since September. After Divine Liturgy on Friday they received their class ring. They were so excited on their way to church that it almost seemed as if they were floating on air!

When Liturgy was finished Father Ivan spoke to the class on the symbolism of the ring and Mrs. Shumny, our principal, congratulated them on their accomplishment. The ceremony was followed by a celebratory light breakfast. After spending some time with their parents they returned to school where they went to each class to have the teachers and students turn their ring for luck.

As the year continues we know that the Class of 2018 will continue to lead by good example. Time will pass all too quickly and in the blink of an eye it will be time to say farewell to this outstanding class. Until then we look forward to watching the Class of 2018 continue grow reflect Jesus in their daily routines, and hope that they continue to make wonderful memories that will follow them into the next chapter of their lives.