ACS Student Council Elected

On a recent Friday afternoon the student body of ACS gathered in the auditorium to hear several eighth graders tell the listeners why they would make a good president or treasurer. No promises of days off or extra recess were made. Only the promise of doing their best was the message of each candidate. Treasurer candidates explained their math skills; while presidential candidates explained their communication skills. At the end of the speeches, students returned to their classroom to cast their votes.

Congratulations to all of our new ACS Student Council leaders. Presidents Katherine P and Nicolas E. In the supporting role of Vice Presidents are Gabe G., Dyla C., Anapaula M., and Issa R. This year’s Treasurer is Mackenzie F. along with her assistant Tanya A. Giana the lone seventh grader on the board as the Secretary.  She was unopposed in her quest for the secretarial position. The first job of the new board will be to work with the representatives from the fifth and sixth grade. They will brainstorm for new and exciting activities for the rest of the school. Hopefully, this will be the best yet for the ACS students!