Stations of the Cross by Students.

During Lent, the students, teachers and staff of ACS attend Stations of the Cross weekly. We pray and reflect on Jesus’ journey from being sentenced to death through His crucifixion and death. This year students were blessed with the opportunity to venerate the relic and an icon of Blessed Bishop-Martyr Mykola Charnetsky. In 1945, the Russian Communists’ secret police (the KGB) arrested Bishop Charnetsky and sentenced him to a six-year term of hard labor in Siberia. Transferred numerous times, he served his sentence in thirty different prisons and labor camps, and was subjected to six hundred hours of interrogations and torture. Blessed Bishop-Martyr Charnetsky, known as “the healer of souls” was beatified by St. John Paul II on June 27, 2001 in Lviv, Ukraine.