First Penance and Solemn Communion Class of 2016

Seventeen children of the Assumption School and parish had First Confession on Friday, May 13, and received First Solemn Holy Communion on Sunday, May 15, 2016. As a parish community celebration, the day was as usual a huge success. Our pastor Fr. Ivan Turyk delivered a homily just for children as they gathered in a church for this special day. We would like to congratulate the children and their parents. Thank you all for you…r cooperation with the school and parish catechists throughout the entire year of catechesis and in the busy final days of preparation and rehearsals. Thank you to Sr. Yosaphata, MSMG for many years of commitment and dedication in preparing the children for First Confession and First Solemn Holy Communion, providing not only the necessary knowledge but, above all, sharing your faith with the children and parents. Special thanks go to our school’s FSA for preparing a delicious breakfast for our children and their families.