Catholic Schools Week Recap

Each year Catholic schools set aside a week to celebrate just how great it is to be a member of a Catholic school community. Assumption Catholic School celebrated recently with many different activities all week. Students participated in contests, fun activities, and ended the week with a pep rally.
The week kicked off with a no uniform Mismatched Monday. The outfits were very funny, including those worn by a few teachers. Tuesday included a visit from children’s author, Ms. Chrysa Smithin.  Ms Smith spoke to the children in grades PK – 6. On Wednesday the wholes school was treated to a pancake breakfast, compliments of the FSA. Father Ivan treated the administration and faculty to lunch at Longhorn’s. In addition each class chose their own day for relaxing with their favorite board games.
The Class of 2016 continued with what has become a CSW tradition by teaching a class to each grade. They made snowmen with the little ones, origami with second and third graders, and even a carp fish on a string with the fourth graders. Mrs. Lawrence’s fifth grader made special bracelets with. The eighth grade teachers made sure to include one for Mrs. Lawrence. Finally, the sixth graders learned a little about faux stained glass art. Seventh grader will be treated to their own art class when they learn how to make dream catchers. (There is never enough time in the busy week!)
Friday was a super fun day with the middle school being served breakfast by their teachers followed by morning of games. Due to a delayed start of the day, their annual Jeopardy game will take place on Monday. After lunch the crazy hat contest was held along with a pep rally that had the student body rocking the whole block! By end of day, the students were happy, tired, and ready for a nap!
Catholic Schools Week is good way to take time to celebrate our ACS community in a big way. The rest of the year we celebrate every day in small ways what makes ACS the very special community that it is- one of faith, knowledge, and service.