Teacher Assignments

I am pleased to announce the grade assignments for the 2015-2016 school year.  All of the teachers are excited about the coming year and are busy getting ready.  The assignments are as follows:

Pre-K – Miss Julie Salamon
Kindergarten – Mrs. Mariya
1st grade – Ms. Kathleen Fountain
2th grade – Miss Victoria Giordano
3rd grade – Mrs. Halyna Lojko
4nd grade – Ms. Michelle Cuff  
5th grade – Mrs. Melanie Lawrence
6th grade – Mrs. Lissette Shumny
7th grade – Mrs. Donna Vattelana
8th grade – Mrs. Mary Beth Pickering

Music: Miss Anna Lawrence
Art: Mrs. Rupal Patel
Gym: Mr. Steven Smith
Accelerated Math:  Mrs. Zankar Patel
Ukrainian: Miss Victoria Milchakowska
Computer: Mr. Gary Charydczak