Middle School Jeopardy Champs Crowned

If you were near ACS on a recent Friday afternoon, you would have seen middle school students sitting on the edge of their seats. They were waiting for the finals round of Team Jeopardy to finish. After two previous rounds of competition, it was time to find this year’s champions.

To start the competition, teams of three were made up consisting of a students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. They were assigned to a classroom for the first round of the competition. Teachers had the same set of statements used for each round. The top two teams in each class went on to the second round. Finally, at the end of the second round, there was one team from each class that played well enough to make it to the final round. Congratulations to the top three teams: Elena Z and her team Daliana B, and Tyler G; Katherine P and teammate Jonathan B, and finally, to Eliza A, Jillian P, and Vincent D.

In the end there could only be one championship team. So, after three competitive rounds, this year’s Jeopardy winners were Team Katherine and Jonathan! Congratulations! It must be noted that all teams did a great job throughout the competition.