Students drawings to support Ukrainian soldiers

Last week,  Fr. Ivan has announced a project/competition  at ACS, titled  “Peace in Ukraine through the eyes of American children” . All students expressed their views through drawings and written messages to depict the peaceful Ukraine they want. They  draw heartbreaking pictures to support Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting separatists in eastern Ukraine. On Wednesday, all drawings and letters were sent to the war zone in Ukraine. The prizes were awarded for the best entry in each grade. And the winners are:
K.-  Corey Pikula
Gr.1 – Sophia Ciesla
Cr. 2 – Hailey Scocco
Gr. 3 – Peter Fizer
Gr.4 – Joshua Bouchard
Gr.5 – Mackenzie Fizer
Gr.6 – Nicholas Santiago
Gr. 7 – Andrea Vira
Gr.8 – Katherine Perez   
Thank you to all students for not growing indifferent.