Lunar Samples Visit ACS

Have you ever looked at the moon and wished you could really get a good look at it? Recently our students here at ACS had that chance. They each had the opportunity to hold pieces of the moon in their hands.

Bringing the lunar samples to ACS was not something that is done every day. Eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Pickering attended a workshop at Georgian Court University to get certified by NASA as a “keeper” of the samples. Father Ivan and our principal, Mr. S. had to sign paperwork agreeing to the rigid conditions for the samples coming here to ACS. Because the lunar samples are considered priceless, they had to be, and were kept in a safe when not being viewed by the students.

Students of all grades were given opportunity to study the samples. In addition, meteoritesamples were also available to the student to viewing. Parents were given the opportunity at the FSA meeting to also view the samples.

After a week of viewing, the samples were returned to NASA. Students and adults alike, can now carry with them the memory that they had held a piece of the moon in their hands. Who knows? Maybe someday our youngest students may vacation on the moon!