Silence For Ukraine

“Ukraine needs our help! What can we do?”  At a recent Student Council meeting this was the exact question that was being discussed among the student members. It was acknowledged that as young people it would be hard to show their support for the people of Ukraine. They still knew there had to be something they could do.

Silence! That was something that they could accomplish. So on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, the students of grades four through eight zipped their lips for the entire day. They offered their silence as a form of prayer for the people of Ukraine that have been suffering during this trying period of unrest.

Students wore a small tag indicating they were silent for Ukraine. They walked through the halls of school, worked in class, and sat together at lunch in silence. Hopefully, by offering their prayer of silence to the Lord, He will bring comfort to the people of Ukraine. Assumption Catholic School in Perth Amboy, NJ  families will continue to keep the people of Ukraine in their hearts.