Our School and Parish helped the victims of Hurricane Sandy

Superstorm Sandy was truly an event that was both eye-opening and humbling.  The loss of life and destruction of property was without precedent. The situation right here in our hometown of Perth Amboy was dire, but thankfully our school and parish suffered relatively minor damage compared to some of our neighbors.  In the spirit of sharing, the Assumption Catholic School in Perth Amboy, NJ  and our School Association (FSA) decided we needed to do something to assist local families in need.  It was decided to send a portion of our Christmas Bazaar receipts to a charitable organization.  At the same time, our pastor, Father Ivan Turyk was also looking for a way to help our neighbors in need.  Together, the parish and school sent a check in the amount $1,200 to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Metuchen to be used as they saw fit to help those who suffered most because of the storm.