November Lessons

The Classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 applied some of the math lessons they have learned in the classroom to create some tasty treats for the annual Thanksgiving feast held the day before Thanksgiving. Each class worked to prepare a pumpkin, apple, or chocolate pudding pie. Reading directions, measuring, mixing, and pouring were all part of each team’s effort to create the perfect pie.

In addition to pie baking skills, the Class of 2013 also helped with the preparation of the potatoes that would be used as part of the meal. They took turns peeling, cutting and rinsing over 300 potatoes for the next day.

The fourth grade class was also busy while the middle school classes prepared the pies. They also measured, mixed, and baked. They worked together to prepare cornbread for the feast. At the end of the day all of the students felt good that they had contributed to what would be a wonderful Thanksgiving meal that was shared by everyone in school.