Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is a dying art form.  It was once the primary form of communication. Since we are in the computer age people simply choose the font they want to use and then begin to write effortlessly.  Well, it has been said that a lot can be told about you from your handwriting. You can certainly pick out those people who attended a Catholic educational institution. Catholic schools are known for teaching proficient penmanship. We at ACS decided to hold a handwriting contest. 

One winner was chosen from each class beginning with Fourth Grade.  The winners were from Fourth Grade; Matthew, Fifth grade Julieana, Sixth Grade Veronica, Seventh Grade Rachel and our graduating Eighth Grader was Derek.  They were done so well it was hard to tell which was the computer generated writing sample and which was their writing.  Each winning “writer” was presented with a ballpoint pen following morning prayers.  Congratulations.