“No way! This isn’t happening at our school!

While other schools are struggling to provide the most basic school supplies due to increasingly tighter budgets, Assumption Catholic School has figured it out. Through frugal spending and  applying for grants,  the school has provided its educators and 172 students with high technology tools to enhance education at ACS. According to school principle Mr. Michael Szpyhulsky,   gaining more and better technology for ACS has been in the works for the past two years. Today we are in possession of updated technology for the students and teachers:  laptops for each teacher, Smartboards in 7 of the 10 classrooms, Document cameras (Elmos) in all classrooms, 20 laptops shared by grades 4 and 5. In addition to desktops in most classrooms and a computer lab with 14 desktops.  The entire school uses a program called PowerSchool for grades, attendance and communication with parents.  Our eighth grade uses a program called Acellus for supplementary math, the entire school has a subscription to a program called IXL for supplementary math practice and a subscription to Discovery Education (access to over 50,000 film clips on various topics), and the fourth and seventh grades must take a mandatory writing assessment online.  Recently 4 teachers received brand new iPads, which can be used for audio and visual media consumption like books, movies, music, games and  Internet programs that help students with reading, math, history, geography and much more. We can truly say, "those who give the gift of learning received the gift of technology".