Student Ambassador Grammar School Competition

On Monday, November 7th, seventeen student representatives from Assumption Catholic School took part in the Bishop Ahr High School’s Fourteenth Annual Student Ambassador Grammar School Competition.  Our Students represented ACS in 5 categories:  Athletic, Dramatic Arts, Jeopardy, Problem Solving and Spelling Bee competitions.  

Bishop Ahr’s faculty and ambassadors graciously welcomed all the competitors from 11 grammar schools in the Middlesex area, and after initial presentations our ACS students from grades 5 through 7 were raring to get started.  Our athletic students downed 27 baskets; Jeopardy contestants buzzed their way through responses; our spellers were exposed to their first grand spelling bee.  ACS dramatic arts competitors, our own future thespians, brought in 2nd place with their written rendition of an outer space skit.  Not to be outdone, the problem solving crew came in with a first place win!  Did someone say that problem solving was difficult?

Overall, our students participated, enjoyed and distinguished themselves among their peers; bringing back with them pride and accomplishment for our school.

Congratulations to the participants for their exemplary representation:
Athletic team:  Adam ’13, Luis ’13, Andrew ’14 and Cassandra ‘14
Dramatic team:  Anthony ’13, Samantha ’13, Brianna ’14 and Amarilis ‘14
Jeopardy team:  Rachel ’13, Thomas ’13, and Jennifer ‘14
Problem Solving team:  Oleksandr ’13, Dylan ’13, and Alexandra ‘14
Spelling Bee Team:   Steven ’15 and Peter ‘15