The days have been muggy and warm. It has felt more like a day in the middle of July instead of the end of September. The grounds of our school look great and offer opportunities to observe nature at its best.

If you were dropping off or waiting for your children, you may have noticed beautiful white flowers off to the right pond. Further up the path the butterfly bushes are attracting multicolored butterflies. Hydrangea blossoms add another vivid color to the grounds.

One of the unique benefits of the muggy side of the weather is the chance to observe the fungus among us! On the stump next to the school you will see different types of fungus growing. Some looks like crushed seashells while others look like white ribbons that have been dropped near the stump. We have even had regular button mushrooms showing themselves in the grass.

So the next time you are waiting for you children, take a walk around the school grounds. There is always something interesting to look at!