Science Day

If you walked through the auditorium on Thursday or Friday during the first week of March, you would have seen the end results, and many examples of science research and experiments completed by students at every grade level. Students in kindergarten studied the life cycle of a butterfly. First graders made birdhouses out of recycled materials. Second graders worked on experiments with their parents, and then brought them to school to show their classmates. Grade three worked in teams to create a tower structure that would withstand the most pressure without collapsing. Fourth grade students displayed their leprechaun traps which they hope to use to get some unlucky leprechaun’s pot of gold on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Students in grade five through eight participated in a science fair. Each student worked over a period of six weeks to research topics of interest, perform experiments, and present his/her finished work to the teachers. The quality of the work presented showed that the students followed directions given by their science teachers.

On Thursday evening of Science Day, our doors were opened and many families were able to come and observe the results of the hard work of our students. There were bells ringing, tornadoes whirling, and many other interesting projects to see. In the end. Science Day was a successful day in which everyone was able to think a little more about God’s world.