East Jersey Old Towne Field Trip

Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students gathered together for a trip back in time! On Friday, November 4, 2010 ACS students boarded buses and traveled back in time over 200 years to the time of the American Revolution. Our visit included a trip to the Indian Queen Tavern where politicians of the time met to discuss the war, have a drink and perhaps spend the night. Students were amazed at the many artifacts on display which demonstrated how people lived without plumbing and electricity. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and John Adams were just a few of the men who visited the Indian Queen Tavern. Another favorite stop among the students was the one room schoolhouse, where our tour guide took us through a day in the life of an 18th century school child. Most impressive to the students was the fact that students of several grades were in the same classroom, using the same materials at the same time. Also on display was history's first smartboard – the slate! The Revolution in a Trunk Program taught students about a real revolutionary solider named "Natty". Students learned first hand what soldiers during the Revolutionary War wore even during the hot summer months! We also learned about battles of Trenton, Princeton and Monmouth. A scavenger hunt through the Farley Blacksmith Shop revealed time pieces such as anvils, blowers and horseshoes!