Six Flags Great Adventure

On May 22, 2008 anticipation and excitement electrified the bus as the Classes of 2008 and 2009 approached our destination, Six Flags, Great Adventure. As we passed by the colossal rides our stomachs began to churn and rumble with nervous feelings. We stepped off the bus and walked to the entrance. It seemed like an eternity to pass through the gate into the park.

We split into different groups, each led by a chaperone. Each group ran to their first rides: Nitro – The Great American Scream Machine and The Buccaneer. These rides were followed by other rides such as the Batman ride, the Dark Knight ride and Medusa. Rides that were easier to handle were also chosen to calm ourselves from the excitement of the big coasters.

At some point during the day all of the groups stopped for lunch. After gobbling down lunch it was on to more thrilling rides and a show or two. We were able to go to the dolphin show and a 3 – D movie. We then continued our day meeting the challenges of Rolling Thunder, Runaway Train, the Teacups, and some rides we rode twice!

As our fantastic day at Great Adventure came to an end, we paused to remember that this trip would not have been possible without the permission of Mr. S. We are thankful for his trust in us to act like adults in this type of situation. We are thankful to our teachers and chaperones for taking the responsibility for us. We are especially thankful to Mr. Carlos Dortrait, alumnus and brother to Mrs. Shumny. His gracious donation for the cost of the bus
made it possible for this trip!