School Spirit Pep Rally!

When have you ever been in any school where a teacher has encouraged you to scream? That is exactly what happened at Assumption Catholic School one September afternoon at our School Spirit Pep Rally! It all started with the Class of 2011 building excitement by visiting classrooms in the days leading up to the rally. They gave short animated hints about what was to come. You might have heard: “I’m going to be there. Are you going to be there?” with no further information. By Friday many students had solved the mystery of where they should be. This led to the start of a highly -charged gathering of all classes, kindergarten through eighth grade.

You might be thinking that it was a sports oriented pep rally, but it wasn’t. Students were there because they are excited about being part of the ACS community. Each class was announced and all other classes cheered them on as if they were the stars of a team. Following this every new student came forward and introduced themselves. These students were given welcoming cheers that made them feel right at home.

As the rally continued, Mrs. Shumny touched on some of the things that make a good school family. One of the main things she addressed was that coming to school prepared and ready includes a proper uniform. Several students were asked to come to the stage to model their appropriate fall/spring and winter uniforms. These students also received many cheers from their schoolmates and teachers.

After all of the enthusiastic cheering, may have left with strained vocal chords, but all had a feeling of school pride.

Cross-Curricular Johnny Appleseed Day

It might have been the day after John Chapman's birthday but Mrs. Lawrence's third grade honored the folk hero on Monday, September 27, 2010. All students worked hard at creative writing, making a timeline of his life, and using a map to locate the states in which Johnny Appleseed spent most of his time. Even a homework assignment following directional clues had Johnny in its theme.

The morning began with apple peeling using an "apple-peeler-corer-slicing" gadget.  It was a fascinating experience for all because the gadget does what its name suggests. Mrs. Lawrence's handy seasonal tool had everyone's attention as each student took his/her turn. Then the peeled and sliced apples were put into a slow-cooker.

Fuji, Gala, Mclntosh, Granny Smith, and Red Delicious were on the menu in third grade for the afternoon Johnny Appleseed apple tasting project. Appropriate vocabulary was developed and a numerical rating system was used to grade sweetness, tartness, and texture. Students observed, tasted, judged, and documented the five different apple types and noted their results on a data collection chart. It was definitely a yummy assignment.

Yet the perfect ending to their exciting day had to be when all the students tasted the apples that they had previously prepared. After cooking all day, the apples were now applesauce.  It might be a simple thing, but the hands-on experience of preparing and eating food will be a memorable third grade moment.

Mosaics for Assumption Catholic School

Two weeks ago, mosaics depicting the words “to know, to love, and to  serve God”  were installed over the main entrance of Assumption Catholic School.  (Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.) These words were chosen for the mosaics, because our goal is to know, love and serve God in this world in order to be happy with Him in the next life. That is, with each school year, both we teachers and our children continue in the school of life – we are teaching (but so are the children!), they are learning (and so are we), and hopefully, all of us are praying and advancing, bit by bit, in our spiritual lives. We pray and study and work through one year and, before we know it, we're planning the next.

The mosaics are a beautiful and inspirational addition to our school building. We hope that they will inspire our children to know, love, and serve God and each other, through academic pursuits, spiritual development, and community involvement.   We thank our  teacher, Mary Ann Makar, for sponsoring the mosaics in memory of her parents.

Back to School Barbecue

Assumption Catholic School has been part of the fabric of Perth Amboy for the past 47 years. As part of the parish of the Ukrainian Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it has been quietly educating children of Perth Amboy and the surrounding areas.  During those years it formed many traditions that graduates make time in their schedule to come home and celebrate with present students and families. Among these traditions you will find a very young celebration, the Back to School Barbecue.

After a successful spaghetti dinner sponsored by the faculty during a Catholic Schools Week a few years back, the teachers wondered what they could do the following year to welcome new families to the school as well as welcome home many of the alumni and their families.  They also wanted to find a way to help parents defray the cost of field trips. Since this conversation took place in June, the idea of a barbecue sounded like a good idea. So, this year Assumption Catholic School faculty will host the fifth annual Back to School Barbecue.

The barbecue is held at the school’s playground on Paderewski Avenue(?).  In attendance you will find school children with their families, parishioners, alumni, and even families from the neighborhood. While families sit and enjoy a good old fashioned barbecue meal, faculty members, with the help of the principal and vice principal, make sure that plates are filled with a variety of foods that they prepared themselves.  You will find choices of everything from burgers and dogs, to potato salad, Spanish rice, and a variety of other tempting side dishes. If there is still enough room, guests can make their way to the dessert table and choose many offerings.

This year parents and children will have a chance to welcome our new pastor to the school. Father Ivan Turyk has been assigned to the parish and he also takes on the responsibility of our school.  Father Roman Dubitsky, pastor of almost 30 years retired on September 1st.  We are looking forward to at least thirty more years with the help of  Father Ivan in serving the Perth Amboy community!

If you have been looking for a place for your child to receive an education in a safe, caring environment, come and visit our school any time. We are a Kthrough 8th grade community.  If you would like to receive more information about our school, you may call our office at 732- 826- 8721. Ask for Sister Yosaphata.  You can also find us on the web at:   Assumption Catholic School – growing daily in wisdom, virtue, and understanding.

Assumption Catholic School begins new school year.

As we begin a new school year, it is good to remember that God has given us the ability to learn many things. Learning is a gift from God. The Bible says that Jesus learned and studied, just as we do. Jesus grew in wisdom.

We ask God’s blessing on this new school year, that it may be a time when we appreciate and fully use God’s gift of learning.

We ask God to bless our school and teachers.

We ask God to bless our classmates.

We ask God to bless our principal, counselor, and librarian.

We ask God to bless those who prepare our lunches, those who drive us to school, and those who keep our schools clean.

We give thanks to God for books and computers and all the things that help us learn.

We give thanks to God for the gift of learning!


1. Renovated School is ready for its students (above)
2. Fr. Ivan Turyk – Pastor and Mr. Michael Szpyhulsky  – Principal
3. Sr. Yosaphata, MSMG – Vice Principal and Financial Administrator. Sr. Josaphata believes that education transforms lives and she dedicate more then 40 years of her life to the school.
4. The school faculty  is one big family

Father Roman Dubitsky Announces Retirement

After twenty-nine and a half years as Pastor at Ukrainian Assumption Church, Perth Amboy, New Jersey and 45 years in the priesthood, Father Roman Dubitsky is retiring from active priesthood.  Metropolitan Archbishop Stefan Soroka has given his blessing, and at the same time has appointed a new pastor, Rev. Ivan Turyk, as of Sept. 1, 2010.  We wish Father Roman many happy and healthy years of retirement and pray that the Lord continue to shower him with many blessings and the Blessed Mother ever keep him under her protection!

A Farewell and Welcome Parish Luncheon is scheduled for Sunday, September 12, 2010.  Please come to the luncheon, bid a fond farewell to Fr. Roman and welcome our new pastor, Fr. Ivan.  It is a parish family celebration, and all are invited!
There will only be one liturgy on that Sunday, at 10:00 a.m., with the Choir singing the responses.  The luncheon will be held in the school hall following the Divine Liturgy.  There will be no cost to attend the luncheon.  All who wish to come are asked to sign up in advance, so that we know how much food to prepare.  Seating will be arranged when you sign up.  Please sign up beginning Saturday, Aug. 7 at 4:30 p.m. in the church hall (before and after liturgy), and Sunday, Aug. 8 following the liturgies. You may also sign up the weekends of Aug. 15/16, 21/22 and 28/29, following liturgies.

ACS Alum Honored

Nicole Baginsky, ACS ’06, was recently honored as a Greater Middlesex Conference Scholar – Athlete at the Pines Manor in Edison, NJ.  Nicole has just graduated from Cardinal McCarrick High School in South Amboy, ranked 11th in her class.  She is a member of the National Honor Society, the Lyceum and various other clubs and organizations at the school.  Nicole led the Lady Eagles Bowling Team to its first undefeated season this past year, winning the GMC Blue Division Title and the Central New Jersey Section I Championship. The Lady Eagles finished 2nd in the State Sectional Championship this year. Nicole rewrote the Cardinal McCarrick record book; she currently holds all of the Lady Eagles bowling records (something she also did in the ACS Bowling Leagues). Her 2008 – 2009 GMC Individual Tournament Championship was the first Individual Championship won by a Cardinal McCarrick athlete.  Nicole is planning to further her academic and athletic careers at New Jersey City University where she plans to major in Psychology and bowl for the nationally ranked Gothic Knights.
On the picture: Nicole with CMHS Athletic Director Gil Pritchard at the Awards Banquet

Senior Drama Performs – The Big, Bad, Musical

If you were lucky enough to be at ACS on Tuesday evening, April 28, you were treated to a night of entertainment and laughter.  Students from ACS Senior Drama presented a light-hearted, song-filled courtroom story of the Big Bad Wolf.  Citizens of the Enchanted Forest, including such well-known characters as Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, and the Boy Who Cried Wolf filled the courtroom to testify against the Big Bad Wolf.

Drama members brought their own personalities to the show as they did a wonderful job telling the story.  The lively performance had the fairy godmothers, Khrystyna H., and  Jenna R., trying to prove the guilt of Mr. B. Wolf, played brilliantly by Jose L.  While the evil stepsisters, Glenys B., Damaris A., and Nicole D., defended him.  Sydney Grimm, played by Heidi A., and several witnesses told their story of the allegations against the Big Bad Wolf:  impersonating a grandmother, blowing homes down, and stealing sheep.  In the end the judges, played by Jesse F. and Brandon B. of grade eight, could night decide guilt or innocence, so a hung jury was declared.

Other cast members included:  The Three Little Pigs-Xavier R., Jason L., and Mrs. Rizkallah.  The Grandmother-Nicole F.  Little Red Riding Hood-Mariya H.  Wood Cutter-Nicholas O.  The Boy Who Cried Wolf-Danny F.  Shepherd-Kasey C.  Miss Muffit–Ashley R.  The Wolfettes-Mariah A., Kayla C., Vanessa E., BrookLynn C., and Mrs. Shumny.  Special guest appearances included Cassandra R. as the custodian and Mr. S as the intermission announcer.  The senior drama teachers, Mrs. Pickering and Miss Makar, skillfully directed the musical.