Assumption School 21CCLC Summer Program Underway

Students just finished their regular school year and already they have jumped into four weeks of Language Arts and Math Camp to keep up with their skills. In addition to all of their hard academic work, for the next 4 weeks they are playing hard in recreation, creating in arts and crafts, learning new recipes in culinary and building, testing, and observing in STEAM activities.
 Among many other fun activities students learned a fun dice game called SKUNK, where you have to avoid rolling the number 1, or lose points! Our middle school boys were the winners. Students in higher grades spent their afternoon designing games that students in the lower grades will be able to play on rainy days. Each group first decided on a topic of either math or science. Next, they brainstormed to determine the goal of the game and tools that would be needed to play. This amazing group finished one magic tree house book already and started their cereal box projects! AND Culinary and building class was so awesome!!!

Also, what artists we have at our ACS Summer Camp! Multiplication cup stacking challenge! 8th graders competing against each other for 1st place on the IXL leaderboard! Everyone, including the teachers, looks forward to this Friday’s field trip to the Liberty Science Center.