Junior National Honor Society

Friday, April 28th marked another induction of another class into ACS Junior National Honor Society. The graduating class of 2023 led the ceremony with an explanation of each of the qualities a candidate must hold to be a member of NJHS. Mrs. Shumny administered the pledge of NJHS members, then distributed the honor cords to be worn by members of the Class of 2023 on their graduation day. The ceremony, attended by family, friends, and our ACS faculty and students, was followed by a continental breakfast provided by our FSA. Congratulations to our new members and thank you FSA for your continued support!

New 2023 inductees:
Gr 8 – Edgar Cruz – Giovanni Zingariello
Gr 7 – Elijah Eyeson – Leah Marine – Timofey Reznik – Josemar Vasquez
Gr 6 – Claire Chendorain – Gianluca Pipitone – Isabella Ortega – Dominic Mussenden – Alexys Villamar