Tuesday, January 31st: CSW Day 2!

I am so grateful that all our guests had a wonderful time today and that we are able to celebrate our uniqueness as a Ukrainian Catholic School!

Today our ACS teachers and students wore their favorite sports Jersey or tshirt and we had so many sports represented. Student Council hosted their Read-a-Thon for grades Pre K to 2nd grade and who doesn’t love a good book!

And here’s what happened in our classrooms:
Pre-Kindergarten: We had another exciting day, after having Spanish, we went downstairs to enjoy a Read A Thon! We had fun stories read to us by the student council and some of the 7th and 8th graders, boy they were some great stories. Next, we took turns taping Mrs. Shumny and Father Ivan to the wall, it was so much fun. As if that was not enough, it was time for a pizza lunch with our Special Person. After eating, we came back to class and created tons of shapes with Play-doh and watched a movie. It was so exciting doing all of this in our favorite sport jersey or shirt!

Kindergarten: Today we started our day by having the student council read some of their favorite stories to us. We practiced our addition with marshmallows today and made equations using the 2 different color marshmallows. 

1st Grade: What an exciting second day of Catholic Schools Week. We switched up our morning meeting, turned it into a math lesson by voting for a new name for our school mascot, and learned how to tally! We enjoyed one of Miss Suarez’s favorite activities from our student council, the Read A Thon! First Grade enjoyed taping Mrs. Shumny and Father Ivan to the wall! The best part of our day was spending quality time with our special person at today’s lunch. After our special person’s lunch we visited Mrs. Kukuzara’s class and had a movie afternoon surprise with popcorn.

2nd Grade:  It was a busy and wonderful Tuesday in 2nd Grade. We started our day with 3rd grade and Father Ivan, as he shared a Day in his Life with us.  Did you know that Father Ivan studied Greek, likes Sumo wrestling and was an excellent soccer player?  We LOVED taping Father and Mrs. Shumny to the wall!  We also really enjoyed being read to by our middle schoolers at the Read-A-Thon.  And to top off our day, we sang “Here I Am Lord” for all of our Special People at today’s lunch.

3rd Gr: We started our day by picking a name for our school mascot followed by joining 2nd grade and Father Ivan in a Q&A session where we gained some interesting insight on the day of the life of a priest. After coloring a gift for our special people, we got a chance to tape Father Ivan and Mrs. Shumny to the wall! To conclude our Tuesday, we ended with enjoying a wonderful lunch with our special people! Everyone enjoyed spending time with their grandmas and grandpas, parents, and aunts and uncles! Even Miss. Roque’s sister Lily came to say hi!

4th Grade: Today 4th graders got to play games and work together. We played Heads Up, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, Target Monopoly, Connect Four, & Jenga Tetris. These games tested our smarts and we sure were smart enough. The 8th graders visited us and taught us about Static Electricity as well. Our Special People joined us for lunch after we were lucky enough to see the Principal and Father Ivan being duct taped to the wall. What a fun-filled day!

5th Grade: Fifth grade learned the importance of working together by completing a class puzzle project. We learned the hard tasks are more fun and easier to complete when we have our friends to lean on and open communication!

6th grade enjoyed a movie afternoon, watching The Chronicles of Narnia.  We all had a wonderful time watching our summer reading book come to life. 

7th and 8th grade had their parents come in to partner with their child in math class. The Perth Amboy Police detectives also came in to speak with the 7th and 8th graders about safety in our community and as they are getting ready for High School to be aware of making good choices. The police officers did a wonderful job and all students were engaged with current topics, including social media, vaping and how education is power! !
Thank You to the Perth Amboy Police Department!

And…. We had a wonderful turnout for our Special Person Lunch! Each student was allowed to bring in someone special to them and our auditorium was full of grandparents, aunts and uncles and so many friends! Second grade sang and we all had a sing a long with our wonderful music teacher and 8th grade ukelele player! Thank you FSA for providing a wonderful lunch and treats.
Duct Tape the ACS Administration to the wall! Well who would have thought this  $2 a foot student Council fundraiser was going to create such a ruckus and such a profit! Oh how students had fun taping them to the wall!

Want to support us? Come to Restaurant Night Bubba 33, Sayreville and say you are with ACS!