Welcome Back part 2!

WHAT A DAY! Today we welcomed our Pre-Kindergarten to 4th graders and it was a terrific first day.
Mrs. Florez welcomed her PK  students and they made hats and had a great day.  Sister Veronika assisted our littlest ones throughout the day.
Mrs. Bielak welcomed her Kindergarten class and they even did some dancing to celebrate their first day.  Miss Kelly was impressed with all the already knew!
Miss Suarez had a big welcome for her first graders and went over procedures and routines. They are ready to learn ����
Mrs. Kukuruza greeted her second graders with a big smile and a beautiful classroom. And they cannot wait to get to her library!
It was Miss Roque’s first day at ACS and you wouldn’t know it!  Her third graders were all smiles as they attended their first day.
And Miss Drayton was reunited with her now 4th graders (she taught them in second grade) and already wrote a journal entry and started a project!
Way to go! Tomorrow is our first day full day of school and our first day with PK to 8th grade all together!