Whole School Spirituality Day

Pre-Kinder: Read the book “God Gave Us Easter” By Lisa Tawn Bergren and made our beautiful craft.
We colored our Lent book, completed  our craft and did a Simon says Religion game
In first grade we celebrated spirituality day by watching The Story of Easter. As a class we silently reflected what Jesus did on the cross for us. During art, First Grade made a handprint sign craft. The best part was using green paint to make their handprints. We ended the day by coloring an Easter Book.
Second grade spent their Holy Thursday, Spiritual Day learning more about Holy Week, creating a Holy Week Wheel & an Easter Story book. They were also very grateful for the crafts that Mrs. Shumny sent to 2nd grade.  They all agree that putting their handprints on their craft was the best part of their craft
Third grade completed a stained glass project working side by side with the eighth graders. They first used permanent markers to draw their picture and then color it. They finally painted any area white that they had not colored with markers. They all loved their finished product so much that they showed Mrs Shumny and Father Ivan. The Class of 2022 had fun with the Class of 2027. What is the next project Miss Shumny??
Honoring Holy Week with a poster-fourth graders put their heart and soul into it. Well done, fourth graders!
Fifth grade made the a beautiful Cross craft, watched videos from Mrs Lawrence’s suggested list  and did a rough Religion word search
Middle School performed the Living Stations for the rest of the school on Holy Thursday. The sixth grade contributed with their beautiful rendition of Beneath the Cross while seventh and eighth grade performed each station. The rest of the school participated by praying the Our Father and Hail Mary with the eighth readers.
In addition to the Living Stations sixth, seventh,and eighth grade stained glass portraits using permanent markers and picture frames. They also worked on Holy Week crafts to close out their very busy week.