How was St. Patrick’s Day celebrated?

2nd grade all green. We made shamrocks in Religion that remind us what we learned about the Holy Trinity. 

Grades 3 to 8 went to Confession today and we all learned about St. Patrick!  

Prek and grade 5 made leprechaun traps together. They had a leprechaun chase on Go Noodle and had green Oreos for snack. In math, second grade worked on pot o’ gold addition and subtraction riddles. For penmanship, we practiced St. Patrick’s Breastplate in cursive. After our delicious lunch, Ms. Shumny treated 2nd & 3rd grade to a mini-dance party. 

Kindergarten and third grade had a green bagel breakfast and a super fun dance party! 

The whole middle school did a compare and contrast project of St. Patrick and St. Joseph! So very interesting!  

Fourth graders celebrated Saint Patrick’s day with the arts. We learned how to draw a leprechaun while listening to Irish Celtic music. Some of us were even “Irish jigging” in our seats. 

The FSA treated all the students to a delicious pancake breakfast with whipped cream and green sprinkles!  

YET, the BIG excitement came from…. 

ACS had a very special visitor on St Patrick’s Day. It all started when the members of the 21CLC STEM club decided to see if they could catch a Leprechaun on St Patrick’s Day. They designed and made different style traps with lures of gold coins to entice the Leprechaun. The next thing they did was place them in strategic places like the principal’s office, outside Pre K , Kindergarten, grades one, two and three. Then they waited. Surely, one of these traps would catch the leprechaun trying to steal the gold. But, at each and every trap they found the same note that read: “ Dear Students, Happy St. Patrick’s Day You almost caught me with your trap! Too bad, you didn’t catch me, I’m too quick for you! Thanks for the gold! Better luck next time!” 

Oh well, maybe next year’s STEM club will design a better trap.