Class of 2022 Makes Rosary With Parent of Alumnus Chris Troche


On Valentine’s Day the Class of 2022 we visited by Mr Ed Troche, the parent of our teacher aide Miss Kelly. The day started with Mr Troche giving a short background story of how he came to be involved with ACS and his want to give back to our school. He then told the class about how he felt the need to begin to make rosary beads after the passing of his mom last September.To date he thinks he has made about 100 sets of rosaries since last September.
Mr Troche demonstrated how to use wire and beads to start constructing the first decade of the rosary. As students worked on making their own set or rosary beads he talked about the significance of the rosary in his family as well as how the rosary became part of the prayer life of Catholics. He also talked to the students about making a novena. Students in turn talked about how they have prayed the rosary in their own lives.

To end the project, students prayed the rosary together. Students will also lead the school in a rosary to pray for peace in Ukraine. We thank Mr Troche in his continued support of our school. He is truly a blessing upon ACS.