100th day of school at ACS on this amazing “Two’s”Day!!

Here are some highlights…. 

Prek began the 100th day celebration by putting 100 dot stickers on their crowns.  

Students and teachers dressed like they were 100 years old. We read the story, One Hundred Shoes. We then colored 100 shoes. We also read, One Hundred Hungry Ants, and cut and glued 100 ants on a hundreds chart. 100 plastic eggs filled with candy were hidden on the playground. Each student collected 5 and we practiced counting by 5’s too 100. We enjoyed our free lunch of delicious tacos. 

First grade had a wonderful day celebrating the 100th day of school. We started the day with reading Biscuits 100th day of School during our morning meeting. We ended the day with making 100th day posters. The most funnest part of the poster was drawing what we would like in 100 years! 

Second grade celebrated 100 days on Twos-day by writing 100 two-digit addition & subtraction problems and at 2:22, we had a Dance Party! 

5th grade: We made time boxes to be open 20 years from now! 

6th grade class  

Word challenge how many words can you make using the letters in the phrase Twos Day ?  

Drawing challenge- create a drawing g using the image below, Creative writing How old will you be in 22 years from now and made a 100th day bead necklaces 

AND we can’t forget the TACO TUESDAY LUNCH provided by the FSA!! Thank you!! 

More 100 Days of school fun! I couldn’t forget third and fifth grade…. 

Yesterday, 3rd grade’s favorite senior citizens had an amazing day in class. They wrote letters to their future selves to be opened on 3/3/33, and made a list of 100 things they love about ACS 

Fifth grade made time capsules! They wrote about their favorite likes and some of their dislikes and they put together very creative time capsules – 100 days smarter! 


Fourth graders charged into ACS’s 100th day celebration on 2/22/22. They did oodles of doodles, oodles of noodles, 100 nouns, 100 verbs, read 100 pages and ended with a STEM challenge of building a 100 centimeter tower out of plastic