Welcome Sisters to ACS!

This past Sunday, we welcomed to our parish  and a school, Mother Mary of the Immaculate Conception Ambrogio, Provincial Superior of the Sisters Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará, SSVM who with other six Sisters joined  our congregation  at the Divine Liturgy and later discussed with Pastor Fr. Ivan Turyk,  Principal Mrs. Lissette Shumny and Bishop Andriy Rabiy, the final details of the new Sisters ministry at the parish. Sr. Veronica is already here in America and Sr. Maria is arriving from Ukraine on October 18.
The two new Sisters,  that will be serving at our Assumption parish and school belong  to an Eastern branch of Sisters that opened their mission in Ukraine in 1998.
 When their mission in Ukraine opened,  the Eastern Rite Sisters  started wearing the black habit, which, except for the color, is the same as the blue and grey habit of the Latin tradition,  including the Cross of Matará.
As Sisters establish their first Byzantine Catholic Rite mission in the United States, we strongly believe that while fulfilling their main role of “prayer”  their presence will be an instrument of evangelization in  our parish and school.
We also hope they will play a key role in organizing and working with parish youth, working alongside parish kids, students and teachers at Assumption in providing catechesis for the children, preparing them to receive the Sacraments and encouraging them in their friendship with Jesus Christ.
As Pastor, I am very grateful to the Sisters, for their generous “YES” to be a part of our new parish family.

Let’s pray that they have a successful apostolate in our Assumption community and help many people come closer to the Lord through their service.